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Ocean’s Posession


My obsession with elemental projections of animals/spirits hasn’t ended! I went to central park one day with two of my coworkers  because one of them (Jojo) wanted to explore NYC (she’s from Texas). We were enjoying the scenery when I realized that Aneesa (my other coworker) had a professional camera. I instantly lit up and told her that we should take photos. She agreed, and before you know it we took pictures in various parts of the park, including the Metropolitan Museum of  Art (which this photo was taken at). I noticed a water fountain nearby and became inspired. I struck various poses before finally using this photo for my next manipulation. I originally had my friend take this photo because I noticed the sun’s reflection in the water, and how it was reflecting off my eyes. When she sent me the photos, it wasn’t as clear; we could only see the white dot that was caused by the sun’s reflection. But because I liked my entranced facial expression, I chose to use this as my next piece. The concept of this photo is the idea of being controlled by a mystical force that takes the form of water, and can possess a certain race of aliens when an extremely bright light reflects off it. This causes the mystical water to hypnotize the being, allowing it to take over as it’s host. I wish I had a different outfit on at the time because I would’ve looked more badass, but sometimes you gotta live in the moment (in this case, the captured moment). I added the aqua dragon projections because it puts a face to what is “possessing” me. My blank face makes it look like i’m being used as a vessel by a hydra. I was originally going to use a different dragon, but the current one suited the photo better, since it could be more transparent than the other image without completely disappearing. I also turned my eyes blue with pupils because I was inspired by the eyes of the Jasper and Amethyst soldiers from Steven Universe. I found them to be aesthetically pleasing, so I made my own blue version from their purple (Amethyst) and yellow (Jasper).

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Bursting Aura


Electricity, in my eyes, represents the feeling of being energetic and intimidating. It’s fast movements and terrifying effects when dealing damage inspired me to strike a mainly intimidating pose to fit the electrical bursts. The transparent electricity was taken off another brave frontier character I liked. I took her original appearance’s electrical wings and positioned it on my body, and took the electro-dragon in her evolved form to add a face to the aura i’m emitting. This was inspired by phoenix’s flames when it forms the actual mythical creature. I always wondered what would a phoenix made from an element other than fire would look like, which lead me to go for electricity. It’s equally as intimidating as a flaming phoenix, and much faster in movement (flash like movements can be overwhelming, which can be scary). I also made this edit because I love how the shape of my afro came out in it and because I love my outfit.

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Aero-Draconian Tsunami


I recently got into a phone game called Brave Frontier. And while playing it I remembered all the visually appealing characters that have elemental spirits and projections. I’ve always loved those kind of designs, and I wondered how I could make myself look like I’m projecting an animal/spirit shape. I then decided to simply download the images of my favorite characters, and take them out of the projections they have behind them. It was pretty easy to do since the entire image itself was transparent. The only difficulty was taking the characters out, because many of them have the most complicated designs. After carefully removing the characters off the aquatic projections, I then positioned it on my original photo and used the screen blend filter to make the projections transparent like actual water. I also carefully removed the injector blade of one character, and put two of them where my hands form a fist. I made these edits because I love how visually appealing the hydro dragons and birds are. The Aero part of “Aero-Draconian” is given because of the hydro birds, and the Draconian part is to address the hydro dragons.

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Ballet of the Divine


I was scrolling through instagram one day and suddenly had Drag Queen fever. I began to see the entrance walks of season ten’s drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag race and stalked the contestants’ profiles. One queen in particular, BigandMilky (her instagram name), has a photo with her boyfriend, jamesbwhiteside. I thought milk looked cute out of drag and stalked her profile until I came across a couple photo between the two. I then checked out jamesbwhiteside’s profile and was like “ooo, he cuute”. A few minutes of stalking later I came across the first photo of him striking a pose mid-air. I liked the pose so much that I got inspired to make an edit of him, which resulted in the second and third photos. I was going to leave the final piece looking like the second photo, but with filtering, but I didn’t like how it looked, so I saved the edit from Pixlr, and uploaded it to Picsart, where I added the winter filter, making it look more heroic/epic. I made this because I was in the mood to make an edit of someone other than myself, since it gets tiring when i’m the only person willing to strike the necessary pose for an edit to work with the effects I put on it.

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Dusk Mane



This is a photo manipulation celebrating the beauty of voluminous hair. I created this because I was in the mood to “cottonize” my hair, and its dark color reminded me of the cosmic sky known as outer space. Because of my hair in its curly state, many don’t realize that i’m Latino until I begin to speak Spanish, and it’s even harder to tell when my hair is in it’s cotton state. I enjoy surprising people of my Latino roots; it gives me another element of mystery and surprise. I also feel like not enough people embrace their hair texture. Men usually shave it off, and women usually perm, braid, heat and weave the fuck out of it. So I decided that it would be nice to see someone appreciate the textures their hair could achieve. I thought “why don’t I be that one person?” considering that when I walk wherever, I’m usually the only one with a fro. And when I see someone else with a curly fro, it’s usually a wig. The message of this image is to tell others to embrace their hair and make it look good for them if they find it ugly. Beauty lies not only in straight hair, but in many types of hair. But how would one know their hair can be made beautiful without altering its texture if they’ve been raised to take care of their hair how straight hair would normally be taken care of? How could they know if they were raised to try to emulate straight locks? If you think your hair doesn’t look good, find ways to make it look good. It’s now one learns more about how the roots that grow from their scalp works.