A Pleasure to Meet You


This image is one of my favorites! It’s taken by my sister’s professional camera, and the angle made me look so beautiful. When looking at this photo I imagined a scene where a person is wandering the woods to then find me coming out from behind a tree and introducing myself. I added the different colored eyes and arm effects because it makes me look more mythical and alluring (I already look alluring in the original photo). Also, I absolutely LOVE how well shaped my hair was in that shot. In my opinion, afro-hair should be styled like what it is, instead of being brushed with styling tools made for straight hair. It kind of annoys me to see someone with their hair parted smack dab in the middle of their scalp with the hairs moving to the sides. It looks like they’re trying to style their fro the way straight hair is styled. But I don’t tell them anything because I understand that their reasoning for doing so may not necessarily be because they wished their hair functioned like straight hair. Anyway, I also love the shirt I have on, because it has a pattern that most men’s shirts don’t have, and I appreciate that (You’ll see more of the shirt as i make more edits with the photos I have). Also, it has side zippers that can unzip to make it look like the shirt has side slits.


Subway Station Advertisement

Copy of Inbound Travel agent Wanted - Made with PosterMyWall

This is my digital art piece for today. It’s a poster advertisement (like the one you’d see in an airport or subway station) for a fictional company my professor assigned me and 4 others called Cloud 9 Airlines. Every Tuesday we as the marketing department must come up with ways to rival our competitors (in our case, JetBlue and Spirit Airlines). We pour the TEA on what goes on in those other companies, while giving our “CEO” advertisement ideas. This coming Tuesday is the same process, except this time I decided to be extra and make an entire advertisement about our new airliner, the Airbus a350. I made this based on the issues described by the professor. Our aircraft had uncomfortable seating, and didn’t appeal to family travelers and business people. Using my knowledge on aircraft and a unanimous decision with my classmates, we decided the a350 was the ideal choice for an upgrade. Because it was a pretend company, I decided to pretend that we’re in a scenario where our orders for our new jets were made. This poster was made to let potential travelers know that our upgraded fleet will arrive soon. I took a template from postermywall, took away irrelevant aspects of it, added the new jet as the main image along with our company’s logo (also made by me), and added the necessary captioning.



Fantasea is inspired by the song Fantasea by Azalea Banks. It’s semi aquatic theme with it’s high pitched background vocal made me imagine the photo you see in this post, and an underwater club scene. Also, I was ready to take my braids off until I wondered, “What’s a good way to part ways with this hurr?”. Then I figured that a semi-submerged photo shoot was the best way, resulting in this image. I tinted my eyes Blue and Silver to represent my femininity and masculinity, and added pupils to them. I also added a “tattoo” of my personal symbol, because if I were to get one, that’s what it would look like.

Confidence Overdrive


I made this with my cockiness in mind. While I do feel confident in myself, on rare occasions I become so confident that it gets the best of me, giving off the impression that I’m arrogant and hard to work with. I forget the repercussions momentarily and boast my ability (usually through my actions) until I “trip and fall”. It throws me off my game, embarrases me, and forces my cockiness to revert back to reasonable confidence after I get over the embarrassment. I represent myself being overly confident by making a colossal version of myself with raging, out of control flames that light my surroundings ablaze. The regular sized version of me represents my sense of reason trying to find a way to knock down my ego trip. The water and my signature trident further emphasizes the “regular” me since I’m well known for making art that’s primarily aquatic. This photo is similar to (and mildly inspired by) the encounter between the X-Men and Dark Phoenix. The song Ritual by SHARDEM, PULSE, and SOJHI came to mind when making this because its bassy instrumental make up sounds like a vs. battle to me, and the dark tone gives it a serious, apocalyptic vibe.

The Flare Up


I made this edit to personify my confidence. To me, the fire element can represent bravery, fierceness and influence. To match the flames, I put on a cold shoulder top (I know, ironic) I found in fashion nova. I rarely wear this top because it’s pretty difficult to put on and take off. I have to be real careful to avoid tearing it. Anyway, this is the first part of an arc I want to do. I currently have two parts, and will begin working on part 3 after this piece. I put a decent amount of flames in this photo to show that I’m in my early stages of confidence. My fire is strong, but balanced. It ignited after going through a spiritual experience when I turned 15, and realizing a variety of things on how society works at 18. This allowed me to destroy my mental (and some social) barriers to become who I am today. As a result, I became fearless, and no one could contain the fire. The next part takes a slightly darker turn, so next Friday I’ll talk about how these flames can become too much for a person.

Dazzling Gleam


As much as I enjoy using aquatic and metallic elements in my art, I also enjoy using other elements. The grass type (I’m speaking pokemon language, so google if you don’t understand) is my choice of alternate elements for today, because it’s what I feel like posting. There is no deep meaning to this piece. I love how my pose came out, and decided to add leaves as my “power” because of how well it matches my kimono. I also added the pink light where my hands reach up to make it look like it’s the head of a flower, while the rest of me can be seen as the stem and leaves of it. I arranged the effects in a way that makes me look radiant and majestic, and even went so far as to change the hue of the photo a little to give the illusion of me radiating an off-green aura.

The Social Sea Dweller


There are a few of reasons I why I created the edited images. The more obvious reasons are because of me being a Pisces, a water sign, and the symbol it’s represented by. But that’s not all there is to these edits. These images represent my inability to relate to most people, and my preference to be by myself. I can’t relate to those who say they suffer from depression. Whenever I see a meme describing a scene by labeling them, it’s usually about their problems. An example is a photo of some dude being jumped by a group of dudes. The guy being jumped is labeled “Me”, and each of the attackers are labeled “School, bills, anxiety, stress, my crippling depression”. While I do find those memes pretty amusing, I don’t find them relatable, because I don’t suffer from any type of depression, school doesn’t stress me out (cause I don’t care about my major), if I do have anxiety, it’s very mild, I’m generally a relaxed and happy person, and I won’t be worrying about bills because I’m pretty cheap. I also don’t relate to others when it comes to trends and movies, shows and entertainment in general. I don’t keep up with the Kartrashains, I know nothing of a lot of music because I find a lot of it annoying or boring. Because of the aforementioned reasons, people find me pretty boring, or find it difficult to have conversations with me. It makes me feel like I’m socially out of place, which inspired me to put myself as a sea dweller, living far off of the trends and entertainment. It’s not necessarily a bad thing however, because I can be by myself in peace. I may not relate to most, but I do find myself in a storm of socialization. After a day of talking to various people the last thing I want to do is speak. I just want to be alone, and drown out the sound of everyone. The image of me in the fishbowl doesn’t represent anything though. I just never thought of putting myself in a fishbowl in the past, and took advantage of the thought. The last photo is just to show you what the photo looked like before I transformed it.