The Fortune of our Future

Hello Obscurians! As graduation fast approaches for some of us, we dwell on the next step, on our future and where we will go. For others, they count the semesters left until they too can continue on their path to success. As this will be my last blog with Obscura, I’d like to offer a word of advice: enjoy the journey for it is never ending. Don’t use all of your focus to plan your future or you will neglect your present. Have fun, work hard, and enjoy the ride.

Recently, I have re-watched the film Teen Witchand it has reminded me of my childhood and all I have accomplished since then. It is the story of a girl who meets what one would call a psychic, and she finds out she is a witch that can make her own dreams come true. She quickly learns that as fun as it is to make her future dreams a reality using magic, it is far better to live in the present and let things happen as they will. If you haven’t seen the movie, I urge you to do so for it is truly a childhood classic!

Similar to the girl in the movie, many of us want to know what our future holds and how we go about obtaining it. Many people visit seek fortunetellers to find out what their future has in store for them. We try to make sense of our past so that we can understand the present and build upon better futures. But, like the girl in the movie, fortunetellers cannot dictate what our future holds. We all contain free will and we all have the option to choose the lives we want. It is always fun to find out what possibilities lay ahead, but while your curiosity expands, ask yourself what you want most and find a way to achieve it. Your present is your one true guide towards the future so don’t neglect the moments that pass us by. The crystal ball is in your hands, what do you want for your future? You are your future fortuneteller; dream of the fortunate moments you will have and appreciate the journey that affords you the opportunity to reach your dreams!


It’s been a blast writing for Obscura and I wish all the Obscurians out there a wonderful summer and success in the future!


~Arlinda Mulosmanaj


Gaia Trinity


This edit is called Gaia Trinity because first of all, there are three of us in this photo. The second reason is because I put planetary life components as powers on all three of us. Basically, Gaia means Earth, and our planet is made up of lots of plants and water. I met two new friends who hail from Long Island not too long ago, and their energy is as high as my own (if not, higher). I enjoyed hanging out with them, and learned that they love flowers/nature. I first met Ahmer (left), who I knew for three years in the form of instagram. I honestly forgot how he found me or vice versa, but the next thing I knew, we were following each other. We hung out at the beach, and took photos since it was too cold to go for s swim. Afterwards we ate and met up with Lucia (right), one of his friends and went to the mall. After that we ended up at her place and just enjoyed each other’s presence, played music and laughed together. At some point Ahmer took photos of both me and Lucia, and Lucia took a photo of him. He sent me the collage he made later that night after we all parted ways, and I got inspired to add powers to us once he said “We all look like super heroes about to fuck shit up”. I asked what powers they wanted since I didn’t want to go ahead and add what I felt looked good with the images. Ahmer was like “For me anything with flowers works”, and for Lucia, he said “whatever you feel she gave off…like something with flowers”, which made me giggle because of how obvious the answer was. I didn’t want to make it a flower edit any old person would do, and most of the transparent images of flowers I found didn’t go well with their photos, due to how the image was positioned. I can rotate and flip, but I can’t diagonally change it…yet. So I downloaded some transparent images of rose petals, since Ahmer’s favorite plant is a rose, and a lighter pink batch of petals, since I remember hearing Lucia saying she loves the pink ones. I also went ahead and added plant colored lights to make it look like they’re emitting a “natural” aura (get it?). As for me, I added my usual water power, since at this point it’s my “signature ability”. I didn’t like how I looked before since flash doesn’t flatter me, so I made it less ugly by healing some of the shine spots off my face.



Moldavite is by far one of my favorite crystal. It has a high vibration that is easily felt by people who are empathic which can sometimes leave you in a daze. It was found in altar amulets from 25,000 BCE and has been linked in legends to the fabled stone of the Holy Grail. It was believed In Czech folklore to guide one to one’s destiny and to help one find and preserve true love.

In current times, Moldavite is known as a stone of rapid and powerful spiritual transformation. It can catalyze major priority shifts and even physical life changes. Its tendency is to attract all that relates to one’s spiritual evolution. This can include changes in career, relationships, diet, health and personal goals, as well as inner awakenings, prophetic dreams, and vision of one’s true destiny. Moldavite has often caused a sudden opening of the heart chakra, known as the “Moldavite flush.” It can stimulate any chakra and it brings healing wherever it is needed in the body. Moldavite also has the capacity to disappear and reappear, displaying a Trickster quality.

Moldavite works well with other stones; it harmonizes especially well with all the different types of Quartz crystals and even amplifies its abilities.

-Neil Omacharan-

A Zombie Perspective

Imagine finally taking a break from a busy and work-oriented life, going to a party…and getting attacked by zombies! After stumbling upon the CW show iZombie, I began to shift my perspective on life. Sometimes we need to take a break and enjoy what is right in front of us because things change fast and the future is unpredictable. While I highly doubt we will undergo a zombie Apocalypse, our lives will drastically change after graduation and we need to learn to enjoy the little moments of freedom in between studying and working.

The show iZombie caught my interest because while it is set a world of fantasy and the undead, the main character, Liv Moore, bring the subtlety of reality and facing life one moment at a time to the show. It is also ironic that her name is Liv Moore as she wants to be able to live more after realizing she had been infected with the zombie disease and is now classified as the undead. As a zombie, Liv works in a morgue and only eats the brain of the dead; she refuses to harm of infect any of the living. Every time Liv eats part of a brain, she assumes the characteristics of that person. She uses her zombie abilities to help solve murders and gain new perspectives on the world.

All in all, the show brings about an acknowledgement of the various ways humans perceive the world. It provides insight that can only be gained by walking in someone else’s shoes and looking at the world through their eyes. While the show is highly entertaining, it also makes you think about life, where you are going, and what those around you may be dealing with; the show provides viewers with a broader perspective of the world and is definitely worth watching!


~Arlinda Mulosmanaj

Trans Goddess


This is a photo manipulation of Amiyah Scott, a famous trans actress who plays the role of Cotton on the show Star. When I first met her, I had no idea that she transitioned into a female. I didn’t even know she was a celebrity from a TV show, since I never keep up with shows or celebrities. I saw her instagram recently since the last time we met and came across one photo that inspired me to make an edit of her. Because her photo looks like she’s in a desert, I added sand effects. I also added electricity because of her eye color. I then added my usual “mascara” on her left eye, because it looks pretty cool, and because I wanted to give her a slightly Egyptian appearance. The colors in the original looked so well with her brown skin, and that alluring look she makes in the photo reminds me of mystical/mischievous beings such as Mystique from X-Men or Enchantress from the DC comics. I might take a step forward and take her hair, delete it’s background, and re position it on the rest of her head to make it look like it’s being whipped up by the energy she emanates. But for now I’m content with what I have now.

The Evil Eye


I’m pretty sure most of you have seen this popular symbol many times, and for those who haven’t, you’re most likely too eventually. But what’s most fascinating, is the deep and meaningful history of the evil eye symbol, and what it’s capable of.

The evil eye is basically a curse believed to be cast by a malevolent glare, usually given to a person when they are unaware. Many cultures believe that receiving the evil eye will cause misfortune or injury. Talismans created to protect against the evil eye are also frequently called “evil eyes”. In Turkey, the most common form of a protective object is the evil eye. Knowing locally as the Blue eye, it may be worn as a decoration, carried as a key ring, hung in a car or bus, or placed in a house.


Some evil eye amulets are combined with other protective symbols, promising a double protection. There are, for instance, the Hamsa hand with a blue eye in the center of the palm as shown in the picture above. These variations appear to be recent and are probably aimed more at the tourist trade than the local inhabitants, who seem to prefer to hang up a single, large, dramatically simple evil eye made of shiny glass.

I personally love the evil eye. I have several placed in my room and a few on my necklaces and bracelets. I do believe they possess the power to protect you from certain ill wishes and is why I keep using them.

  • Neil Omacharan –

Falling Into Destiny


Claribel Alegría, 1924

As the falling rain

trickles among the stones

memories come bubbling out.

It’s as if the rain had pierced my temples.


streaming chaotically

come memories:

the reedy voice

of the servant

telling me tales

of ghosts.

They sat beside me

the ghosts

and the bed creaked

that purple-dark afternoon

when I learned you were leaving forever,

a gleaming pebble

from constant rubbing

becomes a comet.

Rain is falling


and memories keep flooding by

they show me a senseless


a voracious





but I keep loving it

because I do

because of my five senses

because of my amazement

because every morning, 

because forever,

I have loved it without knowing why.

As classes begin to end, and graduation soon approaches, I think it is important to look back at all of our college memories and realize that we have so many possibilities for our futures ahead of us. We worked hard, we studied, we made friends, we developed new hobbies and interests, and we made so many new memories over the course of the last four years. It may be confusing and frightening to imagine stepping out into the career path you have chosen and trying to map out the rest of your life, but you have acquired all of the tools and skills needed to do so.

In Claribel Alegria’s poem “Rain” the speaker states, “memories keep flooding by they show me a senseless /world / a voracious / world–abyss / ambush / whirlwind / spur / but I keep loving it.” Yes, our memories may be rushing towards us like falling rain as we begin to close the last chapter of our lives as undergraduate students, but as the speaker of the poem states, “a gleaming pebble / from constant rubbing / becomes a comet,” we too our comets shining in the success of who we have molded ourselves to become. We have pushed our minds to exceed even our own expectations, and by doing to we have become a better version of our former selves; a version that is ready for whatever life may throw at us. We have planned for success for the last four years, and now that we are graduating, it is time to achieve it.

For those that are still on their journey towards completed an undergraduate degree, a word of advice: chase your interests and your passions, and cherish the memories you make and the people you meet while striving towards a brighter future. It may be terrifying not to know for sure what will happen next, but like the speaker of Alegria’s poem “Rain,” enjoy the whirlwind of options awaiting your decisions and love the choices you make for they are the choices that will lead you towards becoming the person you are working towards being today. We are all searching for our destiny’s and hoping we can make a difference in the world and in ourselves, and we are fully capable of doing both. Good luck!


~Arlinda Mulosmanaj