The Curtain Call with JRC 10_21_18

JesusHHola a todos/Hello All/اهلا جميعا,

…and welcome to another installment of The Curtain Call.  This week we are bringing a review of the Lehman College production of Jesus Hopped the A Train.  This production is one of redemption and true reflection. We are first introduced to Angel Cruz, played by Giovanni Ortiz, as he is attempting to recite the Our Father.  He stumbles in decided if it is said are or art. As he is contemplating this, he is reminded to Shut the F*#k up. This sentiment is echoed by two other inmates. Angel’s reflection is broken as he repeats the statement back to the inmates.

The set for this production offers a very less is more vibe.  There are two large cells parallel from one another. The majority of the plays action takes place within this two cells revolving around Angel and Lucius.  In an age were instant gratification and more is more, it’s refreshing to see a minimalist attitude to truly force the action to captivate the audience. We are then introduced to the protagonist of the story, Lucius Jenkins.  A convict that admits to murdering multiple innocent people. The character offers an upbeat attitude that is at times alarming and disarming at the same time.

How can a person that is responsible for the death of so many be so positive and cheerful.  The audience is drawn into characters charm which is strongly because of the amazing job done by Jonathan Carter.  His command of his mannerisms offers the audience the luxury being guided into the story by a masterful pilot. We are given a glimpse Lucius and his relationships with the guards and the other inmates.

Jenkin’s relationship with Cruz offer the true heart of author, we are offered glimpses of the inner struggle of two men who have committed the crime of murder.  One whom has accepted the immensity of his actions and has accepted God and his mission, the other who is struggling to decide his role and actions in this new environment.

Veteran actor and Assistant Professor Jennifer McCabe is the director for this production and has offered a genuine look into two characters that have true reflection and eventually accept the ramifications of their actions.  McCabe has taken people and made them true players on a stage that can often be misinterpreted as an amateur forum for student actors. The entire ensemble offer very genuine portrayals of their characters. The audience was on their seats and truly enjoyed the journey that Ortiz, Carter and the entire cast took them on.  Lehman Theatre alum Cynthia LaCruz said, “It was truly amazing.” LaCruz exclaimed, “Lucius was amazing…I was so…he is so good!” Her sentiment was universal as the majority of the audience gave the cast a standing ovation during their curtain call.

This production harkens the beginning of the MMTM department.  If this is a preview of what they have in store, this looks to be a year of truly amazing, theatre, dance and the arts.

As I leave you, I bid you…The ideas in your mind are not yours, as soon as you have an idea or notion it no longer belongs to you, it is your duty to share it with the world.

Next week, we will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of Halloween in theaters by reviewing the latest installment.


Your Humble servant,



#2 Write to Make Things Right: Using Words to Heal the Mind

Do you ever have so many thoughts racing through your head at night that you’re kept from sleeping? Or have you ever felt so awkward that you felt you needed to prepare note card topics before entering a conversation with a person, in fear of an unsettling silence? From my experience, as a sufferer of both depression and anxiety, as well as other mental disabilities, it may be difficult to express all those feelings that we internalize which eventually cause us pain that no one may ever know about or even notice. This is why it is important to consult someone when we feel this way, whether it be healthcare professionals like a psychiatrist and a therapist or the people closest to you like your friends and family. But it is true that there are times when words cannot escape the mouth and we need a place to put them. That’s where writing can be a very therapeutic activity that can help with mental health.

journal writing

Often overlooked as a chore on a laundry list of school assignments, writing is something that can offer healing for and insight into the mind. It may seem kind of intimidating for those who have never kept a diary or journal or little notebook with them, but whether you’re a beginner or experienced in writing, this is something that does not require much skill and is available for all to try and use in their daily lives. You don’t need to write essays or paragraphs, or even form sentences. There are a lot of forms of healing writing such as:

  1. List making. Not just for groceries. Could be a list of people you wish to call or celebrities you wish you could have met. The possibilities are endless.
  2. Small observations. You could go out in nature or somewhere indoors that you don’t usually go and watch your surroundings, then make short comments about what you’re seeing.
  3. Short story writing. Pulling the strings to your own characters and doing things you could only write about rather than do in a limited reality can shift the weight of pressure from yourself into a fictional world.
  4. Gratitudes. We all have some form of support system. Whether it be our weekly therapist or our best friend, but it is nice to have written reminders of things we often forget to appreciate.

And those are just a few of the kinds of ways writing can be used to combat mental disabilities!

write your heart out

When I was in the hospital, I was advised by psychiatrists and therapists to write my experience down. I believe that was when my in-psych experience completely changed and I found the balance within to handle the stress of being away from home and deal with the mental pressures of being diagnosed with something I didn’t know much about. These health professionals suggested writing to me because it was something already familiar to me and something that I didn’t need to learn to do. It was a way to keep track of my life and not lose my way in the humdrum and chaos of everyday life, which I feel many young adults especially tend to feel and do. It definitely both helped and healed me, which is why I recommend it for those who also struggle with mental disabilities. Write to make things right and balanced within ourselves, Kind Minds.

I hope this blog entry inspired the writer in you and you pick up a journal to begin your journey to self-healing! See you next week for a new blog post!

– Kat

Live stitch of a wrist

Welcome back guys for a another health and medical experience with me Davidia and I hope you enjoyed the first one. So today I’m gonna share what it’s like to see a hand surgeon stitch up my dad’s wrist where he punctured a major artery in his wrist. I was working a Friday night two weeks ago and my dad called me saying he was in an ambulance on his way to the hospital because glass was stuck in his wrist. When I got to Jacobi I had to wait until the doctors were finished fixing his wrist and of course stop the bleeding. He lost a lot of blood and at the time was struggling to have feeling in his index and middle finger. After waiting I finally got to see my father and I’ve never seen him feel scared and helpless. My father cried when his wrist started bleeding again and the nurses had to clean up the injury again and patch him up with gauze and whatnot to stop the bleeding. After they stopped the blessing my dad was being like anyone else who doesn’t want to be in the hospital, he wanted to go home and he felt like the nurses and doctors weren’t being honest with him. The hand surgeon finally came and did an observation of his hand and basically told my dad he’d be able to go home that night which is the opposite of what his regular doctors and nurses were saying. It’s really hard to see a family member hurting but I also just wanted my dad to stay in the hospital and be there for him. The doctors wanted to make sure that he wasn’t putting himself at risk for the need of surgery or infection which is why he  was advised to stay overnight in the hospital. However going back to the stitching, watching the hand surgeon cleaning and observing the wound I realized a lot of things. I already knew I had a strong stomach but I just don’t care for blood which is why phlebotomy doesn’t interest me at all. I completely understand why some surgeons are taken off of a case if it’s a person interest or family member because it’s hard to separate those emotions and there’s no room for mistakes when it comes to cutting someone open or stitching them up. It was nasty yet interesting at the same time to see my dad’s tendon and the artery that was cut. I also confirmed that I have no interest in being a surgical PA. The hand surgeon did point out that once the swelling from his wound goes down then the numbness should stop. I discovered I could be a good nurse but I wouldn’t enjoy it. It’s interesting to come from one parent who has a lot of health issues and your other parent who has no health issues but, it’s cool because even though my dad has no health issues that doesn’t mean he has no need to take care of himself. Whereas my mom she knows she needs to care for herself more but she needs me for that extra push especially since I’m the one who’s been right next to her for most doctor appointments, hospital days/nights, and surgeries. So with this post I urge to watch out for drunk people with glass beer bottles and also if you want to know how much your field of study interests you then try to find some case studies or something that gives an insight to your field. I may not like hospitals or see myself as working in a hospital but I have experience the field of medicine a bit thanks to my family. Your experiences don’t have to be as drastic and traumatic as mine but sometimes those are the biggest pills of motivation. But thanks for reading again guys hope you enjoy I’ll be back next Saturday with more.

My first medical Saturday

Welcome to Health and Medical Saturdays with me Davidia. Physical health is really important and I’m not a person who exercises or “eats right” but I try especially for the sake of my family and mainly my mother since she has a lot of health issues trying to tear her down. When she was hospitalized for having pneumonia I was scared for her life because I’ve never seen my mom struggle to breathe and just feel so helpless and weak. What’s interesting about this, this happened on a Saturday in the summer. Having Pneumonia is no joke especially if you have breathing problems on top of that already. When you’re an only child and you’ve been around your mother it’s hard and scary to have be ready on the spot to speak to EMTs, doctors, and nurses because your motherly is hooked up to a bunch of machines and needs to get her oxygen levels higher. Seeing my mom hooked up to so many machines brought back memories of when I had to say goodbye to one of my great aunts when she died for heart failure. The doctors would always reassure me that my mom is doing fine they just need to watch her oxygen levels. Most signs of Pneumonia are fevers, chills, sharp chest pains, shortness of breath, wheezing, and more. The EMTs were the ones who determined it was Pneumonia but the doctors and nurses confirmed it. My mom showed signs of wheezing, chest pain, and shortness of breath and come to find out she had this when she was a kid too. Throughout the time she was in the hospital they were still running tests on her to make sure nothing else was happening then they told us that one side of her heart is weaker than the other. That hurt and scared me because my great died from a weak heart. This is probably something that’s hereditary but it’s like the elders of the family think speaking about their health problems are sign of weakness. When you inform people about your health problems it’s not weakness, yes it’s heavy to take in but you’re trying to let others know what they might have coming at them. Genes are unpredictable sometimes so learning about medical history in your family or even just immediate family like parents, siblings if you have any. My message to you my readers is your body is not just a temple it’s how we live and function in this world. Doctors can be scary, rude, insensitive, but some can also be very helpful and loving as well. Don’t let the attitude of any medical official or diet instill fear in you or make you uncaring about your health. When your physical health is in check then it opens a door for other parts of health to fall into place. This experience just pushes my drive of wanting to be a Physician’s Assistant and writer of poetry even harder. Pneumonia, COPD, and even asthma are not something to be played with because they lead to other malfunctions when untreated or the worst death.

Subway Station Advertisement

Copy of Inbound Travel agent Wanted - Made with PosterMyWall

This is my digital art piece for today. It’s a poster advertisement (like the one you’d see in an airport or subway station) for a fictional company my professor assigned me and 4 others called Cloud 9 Airlines. Every Tuesday we as the marketing department must come up with ways to rival our competitors (in our case, JetBlue and Spirit Airlines). We pour the TEA on what goes on in those other companies, while giving our “CEO” advertisement ideas. This coming Tuesday is the same process, except this time I decided to be extra and make an entire advertisement about our new airliner, the Airbus a350. I made this based on the issues described by the professor. Our aircraft had uncomfortable seating, and didn’t appeal to family travelers and business people. Using my knowledge on aircraft and a unanimous decision with my classmates, we decided the a350 was the ideal choice for an upgrade. Because it was a pretend company, I decided to pretend that we’re in a scenario where our orders for our new jets were made. This poster was made to let potential travelers know that our upgraded fleet will arrive soon. I took a template from postermywall, took away irrelevant aspects of it, added the new jet as the main image along with our company’s logo (also made by me), and added the necessary captioning.

Dream Highlights #4

There weren’t many particularly interesting or vivid dreams I had this past week. However, I did enjoy last night’s dreams, so for this blog post I will include a couple of quotes from that journal entry. They are from two separate dreams.

“I was dressed up as a character, though I’m not sure who it was. I might have come up with her myself. I painted my face in elaborate makeup and put in colored contacts. I had to pull my lower eyelid down to put them in because they were long and vertical, like the pupil of a reptile. I blinked a few times to get them to settle. One was yellow, the other grayish brown. They gave a very inhuman effect. I also wore a wig. The character had long, tangling black hair. Looking in the mirror, I didn’t recognize myself.”

“I went to school, entering an unfamiliar building which nevertheless felt familiar to me. I was late, so almost everyone was in the classrooms, leaving the hallways empty and quiet. I went upstairs via a back staircase. I paused on a landing and decided to just hang out there for a while. I looked out the window. I could hear the faint sounds of classes in session. A door opened behind me and I turned to see a boy I knew, a friend of mine, stepping out from the hallway and into the landing. We greeted each other and he came to join me by the window. He, too, should have been in class. We stood there for a long time, talking. Then we heard the sound of an alarm going off. ‘Is that a drill?’ I asked. ‘I don’t think so,’ he said. We waited. The sound continued, and then through the glass of the doors we saw groups of people leaving classrooms. We looked at each other and agreed that we should go, too. We walked downstairs together through the empty back staircase.” -night of 10/16/18



Blog #2: Halloween Makeup For Your Costume Needs

Hello my Beauties! Welcome back to The Makeup Corner with Janet, glad to see I haven’t scared you off yet. Today we dive into the actual makeup. As we all know the holidays are approaching. Halloween is around the corner, then we have Thanksgiving, and finally Christmas. For those of you that celebrate these holidays great times are coming, for those that don’t you might still find something for you.


Now with the holidays approaching new makeup launches have been announced. For Halloween companies have launched makeup that will help you create the spooky looks you desire. One of the companies that launched makeup with Halloween as a theme is KylieCosmetics. As usual, Kylie has taken to snapchat to show us all swatches of the new lippies, shadows, and the Halloween inspired packaging. The packaging itself is a treat, it has a wicked 3D design and comes with a pair of glasses to help you see just how spooky the packaging is. The packaging has fangs, a mummy, bats, ghost, and skeletons adding to the wicked trend of Halloween.


This new collection by Kylie includes:

Four lipsticks

  • Creep it real (a matte nude)
  • Haunt it (a metallic orange with gold sparkles)
  • Monster (a metallic army green)
  • Spider Bite (a matte burgundy)   

Matte Lip Kit

  • Bite Me (a matte red)

Two Liquid Eyeshadows (Glitter Eyes)

  • Witch and Famous (a metallic copper)
  • Hello Ghordeous (a metallic yellow gold)

An Eyeshadow Palette

  • 9 colors (two matte eyeshadows, 7 glitters/metallic colors)

One highlighter

  • Go Ghost (looks silver on the pan but once swatched on skin gives it looks more golden)

One Spooky Glitter Gloss

  • Handsome Devil (glitter/chrome gloss in an orange color)


This new makeup launch for Halloween is now available at in an exclusive vault containing all of the special edition makeup, at the price of 195 dollars.


Now on to another makeup company with special Halloween makeup, Wet N Wild. This is a cruelty-free makeup brand found at the drugstore with prices to die for. Their makeup specially made for Halloween is the All Treats No Tricks collection.


Their website is full of fun costume ideas to try for Halloween. These bundles include everything you need to recreate the look you intend are called the Fantasy Makers. There are different costumes which you can recreate there is a Dragon Queen Bundle, Snow Seductress Bundle, Vine Vixen Bundle, Zombie Bride Bundle, Undersea Goddess Bundle, Psychedelic Spectrum Skull Bundle, Intergalactic Unicorn Bundle, and Feline Femme Fatale Bundle. All of these bundles include eyeshadows, face, and body stencils, lipstick, highlighting powder, gems, pins and many goodies that help you achieve the perfect look for this Halloween. The bundles start at the low price of 17 dollars and go up to 27 dollars depending on which one you buy. The items are also available for purchase as well. These are full of different makeup items to help you create whatever costume you have in mind, they all come in a variety of colors and it starts at the price of 2 dollars and goes up to 6 dollars. This is an amazing collection that includes many different items that will help you achieve your dreams for Halloween.


I hope this helps those who celebrate the holiday with new fun ideas. For those that don’t, the makeup collections are also full of amazing colors that would be a great addition to your makeup collection.


That is all for today and until next time!


And remember stay classy, never trashy, and a little bit sassy.