#1 Please Enter Kindly: An Intro Post to a Mental Health Blog

Hello Kind Readers! Welcome to Be Kind to Your Mind with Kat (that’s me), a blog that will be exploring helpful and easy ways to incorporate different kinds of therapeutic activities to heal, reflect, and hopefully make life better for fellow humans struggling with mental health issues and for those who are open to learning about useful information on ways to cope with hard-hitting waves of emotions when life throws you down.

I’m here to guide you Kind Readers through the parts of the mind that often go neglected and provide some tips to provide those parts routine tenderness, love, and care. Formerly I wrote a comic book review blog for two semesters, which I really enjoyed writing (and may return to as a personal endeavor), and now in this current semester, I decided to take on a topic that is not only personal to me but also a topic that is misunderstood. Mental health awareness, as I’ve seen in the form of Instagram posts and hashtags, is slowly gaining momentum in the realm of visibility in popular media, but even more important is for people to have free access to ways to cope with a mental disability that isn’t quite visible for all to see or feel. I hope to bridge that gap with my writing.

As a person who struggles with several diagnoses, I cannot help but feel a strong sense of advocacy for those who are going through the same thing as I. I’d like to do my small part in the mental health community to represent as well as provide a service through writing this blog based mostly on experience in and out of the hospital.

We shouldn’t have to wear labels, but we also shouldn’t have to hide and I hope this blog allows all of its readers to feel that safeness.

– Kat