The Fortune of our Future

Hello Obscurians! As graduation fast approaches for some of us, we dwell on the next step, on our future and where we will go. For others, they count the semesters left until they too can continue on their path to success. As this will be my last blog with Obscura, I’d like to offer a word of advice: enjoy the journey for it is never ending. Don’t use all of your focus to plan your future or you will neglect your present. Have fun, work hard, and enjoy the ride.

Recently, I have re-watched the film Teen Witchand it has reminded me of my childhood and all I have accomplished since then. It is the story of a girl who meets what one would call a psychic, and she finds out she is a witch that can make her own dreams come true. She quickly learns that as fun as it is to make her future dreams a reality using magic, it is far better to live in the present and let things happen as they will. If you haven’t seen the movie, I urge you to do so for it is truly a childhood classic!

Similar to the girl in the movie, many of us want to know what our future holds and how we go about obtaining it. Many people visit seek fortunetellers to find out what their future has in store for them. We try to make sense of our past so that we can understand the present and build upon better futures. But, like the girl in the movie, fortunetellers cannot dictate what our future holds. We all contain free will and we all have the option to choose the lives we want. It is always fun to find out what possibilities lay ahead, but while your curiosity expands, ask yourself what you want most and find a way to achieve it. Your present is your one true guide towards the future so don’t neglect the moments that pass us by. The crystal ball is in your hands, what do you want for your future? You are your future fortuneteller; dream of the fortunate moments you will have and appreciate the journey that affords you the opportunity to reach your dreams!


It’s been a blast writing for Obscura and I wish all the Obscurians out there a wonderful summer and success in the future!


~Arlinda Mulosmanaj


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