A Zombie Perspective

Imagine finally taking a break from a busy and work-oriented life, going to a party…and getting attacked by zombies! After stumbling upon the CW show iZombie, I began to shift my perspective on life. Sometimes we need to take a break and enjoy what is right in front of us because things change fast and the future is unpredictable. While I highly doubt we will undergo a zombie Apocalypse, our lives will drastically change after graduation and we need to learn to enjoy the little moments of freedom in between studying and working.

The show iZombie caught my interest because while it is set a world of fantasy and the undead, the main character, Liv Moore, bring the subtlety of reality and facing life one moment at a time to the show. It is also ironic that her name is Liv Moore as she wants to be able to live more after realizing she had been infected with the zombie disease and is now classified as the undead. As a zombie, Liv works in a morgue and only eats the brain of the dead; she refuses to harm of infect any of the living. Every time Liv eats part of a brain, she assumes the characteristics of that person. She uses her zombie abilities to help solve murders and gain new perspectives on the world.

All in all, the show brings about an acknowledgement of the various ways humans perceive the world. It provides insight that can only be gained by walking in someone else’s shoes and looking at the world through their eyes. While the show is highly entertaining, it also makes you think about life, where you are going, and what those around you may be dealing with; the show provides viewers with a broader perspective of the world and is definitely worth watching!


~Arlinda Mulosmanaj


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