Falling Into Destiny


Claribel Alegría, 1924

As the falling rain

trickles among the stones

memories come bubbling out.

It’s as if the rain had pierced my temples.


streaming chaotically

come memories:

the reedy voice

of the servant

telling me tales

of ghosts.

They sat beside me

the ghosts

and the bed creaked

that purple-dark afternoon

when I learned you were leaving forever,

a gleaming pebble

from constant rubbing

becomes a comet.

Rain is falling


and memories keep flooding by

they show me a senseless


a voracious





but I keep loving it

because I do

because of my five senses

because of my amazement

because every morning, 

because forever,

I have loved it without knowing why.

As classes begin to end, and graduation soon approaches, I think it is important to look back at all of our college memories and realize that we have so many possibilities for our futures ahead of us. We worked hard, we studied, we made friends, we developed new hobbies and interests, and we made so many new memories over the course of the last four years. It may be confusing and frightening to imagine stepping out into the career path you have chosen and trying to map out the rest of your life, but you have acquired all of the tools and skills needed to do so.

In Claribel Alegria’s poem “Rain” the speaker states, “memories keep flooding by they show me a senseless /world / a voracious / world–abyss / ambush / whirlwind / spur / but I keep loving it.” Yes, our memories may be rushing towards us like falling rain as we begin to close the last chapter of our lives as undergraduate students, but as the speaker of the poem states, “a gleaming pebble / from constant rubbing / becomes a comet,” we too our comets shining in the success of who we have molded ourselves to become. We have pushed our minds to exceed even our own expectations, and by doing to we have become a better version of our former selves; a version that is ready for whatever life may throw at us. We have planned for success for the last four years, and now that we are graduating, it is time to achieve it.

For those that are still on their journey towards completed an undergraduate degree, a word of advice: chase your interests and your passions, and cherish the memories you make and the people you meet while striving towards a brighter future. It may be terrifying not to know for sure what will happen next, but like the speaker of Alegria’s poem “Rain,” enjoy the whirlwind of options awaiting your decisions and love the choices you make for they are the choices that will lead you towards becoming the person you are working towards being today. We are all searching for our destiny’s and hoping we can make a difference in the world and in ourselves, and we are fully capable of doing both. Good luck!


~Arlinda Mulosmanaj


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