I call this image Two-Spirit because I made this around the time I looked further into the term and related to it on many levels. A person who is Two-Spirit is both masculine and feminine in nature, or is spiritually the embodiment of male and female. I related to the term because I happen to be feminine and masculine in nature. I based this manipulation off of the concept of fusion, where two personalities combine to make an entirely new being (in my case, a masculine being fusing with a feminine being to form someone who’s a blend of both). It also is based off my thoughts of what I would be like if I were a gem fusion. I also added a second pair of eyes to myself to combine two of my 3 favorite colors (Blue and Silver), and to show the colors of the characteristics that make up who I am (Blue for feminine, Silver for masculine, although it can be seen interchangeably). I added Blue Diamond’s mural as a symbol so fellow Steven Universe fans know who my favorite Diamond is. My gemstones would be located on top of my left and right forearm, which is why it’s not visible in the photo. I would be a Neptunite because many of my edits use water. The two gems that make me up would be an Aquamarine (because it’s my gemstone) and a Silver Leaf Jasper (because it looks appealing, and it looks like I get my black ringed silver pair of eyes from the stone).


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