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(Written and Directed by Runyararo Mapfumo)

(Short Film, 7 minutes)

You say it’s a chair, I say it’s a chair. I say it’s a chair, people. People say it’s a chair then. Where is the art in that?

Where is the art in the art? Is it that art is in and of the art?

Art is held ‘art’ when it finds admirers who perceive it as art, critics who perceive it as art, I say.

For then the question becomes: what informs the admirer/critic that it’s art?

Interpretation, at the very start.

Simbai has come far with his art, has even felt gutsy enough to show it. His friends could praise it now, at least say something. So, what do you think?

They know it’s art, Simbai’s art. But how? Where is the art in his art?

In Runyararo Mapfumo’s short film Masterpiece, Simbai’s friends struggle to interpret his art. What entails is a funny episode that leaves its audiences reflecting on questions of art and interpretation, of Masterpiece.

David Isiguzo plays Simbai. Emmanuel Ojiji, Michael Akinsulire, Idris Debrand, Kwame Augustine play Simbai’s friends Jacob, Darren, Olu, and Thomas respectively.


~ Hardik Yadav


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