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When You Meet Geet


Jab We Met

(dir. Imitiaz Ali)

(Available on Netflix)

Geet has never missed a train, or an opportunity to talk. She holds onto the ‘talking’ part pretty tightly. As for ‘missing a train,’ that happens, once, thanks to a fellow stranger Aditya whose life-story so engages Geet that she understands her duty to make sure he doesn’t miss the train. Yeah, she misses the train just because she cannot let a fellow stranger miss the train; of course, that instantly upsets her, Aditya shouldn’t have done that––make her miss the train by missing the train himself!

What follows is a journey that celebrates free-spiritedness, what it means to be Geet, and how important it is not to lose the Geet in you, only recognize and cherish it. Who is this Geet I am talking about? Watch Imtiaz Ali’s Jab We Met and find out. The movie is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year.


Geet: “All my friends tell me their problems. And I solve them. Do you know? I am that kind of girl, like an agony aunt whose articles come in the magazines. I’m just like that. Tell me. What’s the matter? Tell me what is your problem. Tell me. Don’t feel shy. What is your problem? Tell me.”

What is your problem? I mean, feel free to tell me how this semester is a drag, in the comment section.


~ Hardik Yadav