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Take Me: The Anthem for the Crushed

Kat’s Music and Comics Corner Vol. 2 Issue #5

I love corny and cheesy things and I’m not talking food (although I do enjoy foods of those varieties). I’m the kind of girl who enjoys a good rom-com film and it doesn’t even have to be good in any aspect; the cinematography can be hackneyed and the acting can be full of B-, non-Oscar worthy performances, but as long as you slather it in that  good ol’ fashioned person meets person and they fall in love I’m good to go. My personal favorite romantic comedy movie is Leap Year with Amy Adams and Matthew William Goode. It’s a story about a woman who tries to propose to her boyfriend under the old Irish belief that a woman can ask for her partner’s hand in marriage on a leap year, and who encounters a stranger and slowly gets to know them and well, not to spoil it, but feelings develop. That’s the kind of love that builds over a long/short period of time slowly, but even though it’s a process and takes time for development there is something present there. It’s a seed. A tiny entity that grows inside of you and crushes you from the inside out— a crush.

And that brings me to the anthem of this week’s blog post, Take Me by Aly & AJ. Oh man, do I love this song. I’ve been playing it over and over and over and it never ceases to grow old. It’s synth-pop, it’s a tribute to the 80s and its subject matter is so relatable. It’s a song for all those people who kept a feeling secret deep within and were internally screaming “I love you”, “I want you”, “I need you”, “please, notice me senpai” but were never being heard. The girls sing “When you gonna take me out Make a move and make it now” and this really hits deep because, to be honest with you, that’s me right now. I am that girl being crushed by a crush. And to quasi-quote a tweet from my cousin and all-around cool peep from my bad memory, Petra, “They call them crushes because they crush you.” What a painful truth to take in, but it’s so universal because haven’t we all felt at one point burdened by the burning feeling of liking someone and not being sure they like you or even worse, they don’t know you exist? It really sucks because you want them to know or want them to find out but you are stuck in crushed limbo.

But the cool thing about this song is it seems like Aly & AJ kind of have their priorities straight. They’re not going to spend all their time on this person waiting for them to appease their burgeoning feelings. They sing it right off the bat in the song “I’ve been spending my attention on you, on you. I don’t wait long. Cause I got better things to do.” These girls are aware of their own feelings but they’re not going to wait a lifetime and a half hoping that this person finally realizes their own feelings or the girls’ feelings. And I think that’s a pretty important lesson. Sure, it’s okay, to have crushes and want for affection, attention, and adoration, but sometimes what’s even better is just having the crush itself. Basking in it’s painful, aching beauty. But for those bold girls who want to take the initiative, do what Aly & AJ sing and “sink your teeth” into that crush and go for it.

– Kathryn “Kat” Fornier