Dream a Little Dream

Whimsical Wednesdays with Arlinda


Langston Hughes- Dreams

Hold fast to dreams

For if dreams die

Life is a broken-winged bird

That cannot fly.

Hold fast to dreams

For when dreams go

Life is a barren field

Frozen with snow.

Dreams are important; they allow us to enter a world where anything and everything becomes a possibility. Dreams are capable of lifting you into a world filled with unpredictability and new ideas. In Langston Hughes poem “Dreams”, the speaker states that without dreams “life is a broken-winged bird / that cannot fly”. Within dreams, our imaginations fly into different worlds and different concepts; our dreams have the capability of exciting us, inspiring us, and enticing us to broaden the scope of our goals.

The endless possibilities contained in dreams remind me of Emily Brontë’s poem “I’m Happiest When Most Away”. I perceive her poem as a description of a dream-like state, and as I sit here sleep deprived, I can understand the happiness the speaker of the poem describes when stating, “I’m happiest when most away / I can bear my soul from its home of clay / on a windy night when the moon is bright / and the eye can wander through worlds of light”. Dreams are a form of freedom for the mind; they allow us to explore our imagination and escape the pressure’s of reality. The speaker of the poem continues to state, “when I am not and none beside— / but only spirit wandering wide / through infinite immensity”. In these lines, the word “immensity” seems to stand out most to me, possibly because of the use of alliteration in “infinite immensity”, or perhaps because of the realization it evokes. Dreams are immense; yes, dreams contain the capability of inspiring and exciting us, but they also contain the ability of terrifying dreamers with endless possibilities that may seem frightening at times. It is within the immensity of dreams that fear can become born; personally, I like to focus on the parts of my dreams that make me happy and motivate me towards a brighter future, rather than allowing the immeasurable nature of dreams scare me into self-doubt.

So while your dreaming, enjoy the experiences created by the freedom of imagination within your dreams. Do not fear the immensity of your dreams, instead focus on the possibilities that have been awakened by your subconscious.


~Arlinda Mulosmanaj


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