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The Longest Mile: I Will Never Sail Again (Until Next Semester)

Kat’s Music and Comics Corner (Issue #13)

I think many feel me when I say, most college students right now are emotionally and physically DONE with school before finals week has even arrived. We’re done with pulling all-nighters and selling our souls for coffee-fueled highs to get through the day. We’re done with papers that are many pages longer than the lists of our total social outings. We’re done with crying in front of our professors about having to need an extension because of family problems, or pressure, or stress, or honestly, just plain ol’ procrastination. We’re done. And for some this is true; for them, this is a milestone and an ending. Some students are graduating and moving on to look for jobs or a higher level of education. To those who’ve made it for the full mile– I applaud you. But a lot of students are still on the journey and although it is almost the end of the semester, we can only put down our sails long enough to briefly breathe in the salty air of success before we have to set out on the high, rocky seas again.

I was going to cover this song on my blog a couple weeks ago, but was feeling fickle and covered something else; I’m glad I made that decision because I feel like this song is lyrically perfect for closing my weekly Wednesday blog for the semester. Circa Survive’s “The Longest Mile” is a sort of anthem for those reaching the end of a long, tiring journey. The lead singer, Anthony, belts out, “I must admit now going down within this ship/I couldn’t have a better crew to travel with/If I make it in one piece back to land/I will never sail again”. This journey for us students surely wasn’t an easy one. Obstacles made themselves abundant, but so did the understanding professor that was always available during their office hours and the classmate that never failed to send you the lecture notes on days you were absent. And for those who made this journey solo, you may have not believed you would make it to the end “in one piece”, but surprise, here you are. You did it, you troopers.

Anthony sings that he “will never sail again” but he follows that up with “I can’t help/But think that/We’re coming to the end/If that is/The case then/I know we can’t pretend/To never make a sound again”. To me, this means, that despite all the stress, worries, and sleeplessness, now that the end is near, we can’t pretend that the journey is done. The journey of life never really ends. We, humans, are ever-growing, ever-learning, ever-changing. We can’t simply bring our boats to the shore when we know so much has gone unexplored. So, for now, push through that Tempest that is finals week, take all of your accomplishments, mistakes, successes, and lessons learned in, then get ready to journey on the next longest mile. You can do it.

– Kathryn Fornier