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Floetry Fridays with Nicole

This week’s poem is called “A Friend” by Gillian Jones. This month is finals week for most students regardless of age, and the words “stressed”, “depression” and “anxiety” are being bled out on keyboards, papers and emails when it comes to the overwhelming amount of obnoxious school work they are being given. It is detrimental to our overall well-being that we all have an incredible and positive support system around us such as; friends. The main definition of a friend is “one attached to another by affection or esteem” (Merriam-Webster) however, it is safe to state that anyone who encourages you, believes in you and loves you for who you are and your ambitions, dreams, and achievements takes the cake. There are fruity, sweet and sour layers to any friendship dessert, but in the time of need we all have our Batmans, Robins, and yes even Jokers and Harley Quinns. The ones who will jump off that airplane called life and be your parachute.

The lines “A person who will listen and not condemn/Someone on whom you can depend” exemplify the stronghold walls of acceptance from your friends, and the bond that is being shared. While in school, there is always a high level of intensity especially when everyone feels attacked by those long nightmarish essays with legs and flying books with teeth at their face. This is a time of immense pressure, when tempers and a clash of opinions happen because of all the strain that is taking its toll. However, having people around you to ease the serious and heavy air with laughs, being an ear to lean on and overall uplifting is great and needed. Isolation, is the easy way out. It is the simplest way to deal with the tunnel many of us feel caving in from time to time. However, don’t be afraid to reach out to those who care. It is not a needy, or weak thing to ask for guidance, advice and overall support for the ginormous pillars of things we tend to carry alone in a fear of being a bother. Anyone who keeps your best interest at heart, and wants you to be happy will never perceive you as such things. Take advantage of the ones who fly to be by your side, and take you on mental journeys away from the gutters of bland thinking and feeling.

“Do not expect to just take and hold/Give friendship back, it is pure gold” perfectly sums up this happy marriage between friends. It is a two-way street and especially during such a busy time in the year for many people, tell your friends how much you appreciate them! Many of us come from broken personal lives, hardships within our homes, negative energies surrounding us in and outside our school and work environments,. Therefore, be for everyone what you ask people to be. We all need “namaste” and “hakuna matata” rituals together (besides coffee and booze) to get us through the dark, and we cannot allow our amazing friends to not know how much we love them. Good vibes all around people, and take it easy for finals my fellow students!!