The Dreariness of Silence



Can You Imagine

All Those Beautiful Thoughts

Dying Never Expressed


Thursday Verseday with Arlinda

With activism rapidly becoming a heavily discussed topic in various colleges and conferences throughout the nation, I thought it fitting to feature a poem emphasizing expression. Juan A. Rodriguez had his poem “Haiku” presented in Obscura’s spring 2012 edition. The poem points out the fatal consequences of never sharing your thoughts with those around you.

Just as the speaker in the poem states, “All Those Beautiful Thoughts,” your thoughts are beautiful, and more than that they are magical. Your thoughts have the ability to alter the way someone else thinks, to cause empathy by conveying to someone your perspective of the world, and to stop injustice by shining a light on what is really happening. What if you never shared those thoughts and ideas? They would sit in your head “Dying Never Expressed.” Without using your voice to share your mindsets, the impact that your thoughts could have had will die without ever being spoken. Wouldn’t you rather speak your mind and hope to create positive changes in the world with your contemplations?

Juan A. Rodriguez wrote a powerful poem entitled “Haiku” and conveyed to readers a thought-provoking question: can you imagine a world in which your thoughts died without ever having the chance to create an impact? Your views are important, your voice is important, and the thoughts animating your voice are even more important.  It is as Juan A. Rodriguez questioned in his poem “Can You Imagine” a world in which your “Beautiful Thoughts” were never heard? What a dreary world it would be if each individual did not contribute their voices to overcome the silence. Hopefully, after reading “Haiku” you decide to make sure you do not construct your part in the world as one in which your thoughts never get expressed.


~Arlinda Mulosmanaj