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India’s First Gay Web-Series: Romil and Jugal



(Indian web-series)

Three claps for India right now. Well, it may not be the most gay-friendly country on this planet, but it deserves some love for showering love on homosexuality through its first ever gay web series. It’s called Romil and Jugal and it’s based on Romeo and Juliet, (SPOILER AHEAD) except for the tragic climax. No one dies, how un-Shakespearean! About that spoiler, don’t you worry: it is not that much of a spoiler, since this web-series does not have subtitles unfortunately, and also you have to pay to get the content beyond 5 episodes. And if that is bugging you, this should relax you a little: this is not the best web series out there, not even near it, unless you like it like I did. For a reason.

For the same reason this deserves attention: it is the first ever gay web series in India and it doesn’t feed on the stereotypes that face gay men on-screen. And plus, India has taken so much liberty with adapting ‘Romeo and Juliet’ (with straight pairs) that a same old remake would go completely unobserved.

Now how much attention this one grabs is for India to know and introspect.

~ Hardik Yadav