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Swim Team Superstar: A Taste of Summer

Kat’s Music and Comics Corner (Issue #8)

It’s Spring Break! And boy does it feel like it, the pollen irritants are just screaming, ‘the flowers are blooming right before your eyes’ in my eyes. Putting the pains of seasonal allergies aside, there are lots to love about spring break, when it’s on your side. When it’s not on your side, there are never-ending showers, leftover colds from winter, and loads of work from school. But lately, the sun has been high in the blue and partly cloudy sky and I can’t help but feel energized and ready for the next season– I’ve taste tested the flavor of summer and now I want the whole, real thing.

So, I thought in celebration of this summer-like spring vacation I could cover a super chill and summer-y comic, called Swim Team Superstar. I picked up this summer gem at last year’s New York City Comic Con, and had the pleasure of meeting the adorable writer and artist, Natalie Andrewson. She had a lot of cute and lovely art pieces for sale, but this particular one drew me to it, because of it’s blue color scheme and swim pool ripple facade. It’s a real quick five-minute type read, which could take double or triple the amount of time because you’ll probably spend more than 75% of the time falling in love with the sweet and pretty artistic stylings of Andrewson. The story is a simple one with funny little quirks like how the protagonist, Billy, likes to scrawl ‘EAT MY BUBBLES’ on the backs of her swim mates during competitions, so that if they fart it’s like their opponents are eating their underwater flatulence, then to top it off she mentions how one of her swim mate’s dad makes burritos. It’s got that silly charm that makes it very easily digestible.

It’s a relaxing piece if anything, and it’s completely drawn in blue ink, so it really draws you into the world underneath the waves. Although it was a brief read, it’s the perfect reading snack for comic book lovers, swimmers, and people who just wanna kick back in their beach chair, enjoy some sun, and have a taste of summer.

– Kathryn Fornier