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Lumberjanes: Girl Power to the Max

Kat’s Music and Comics Corner (Issue #6)

One of the most important things in my life is the women’s empowerment group I go to every Tuesday. It’s a place where I can have a voice, and even more importantly, be heard. Looking back to my younger years, I didn’t really have many friends who were girls, I always seemed to gravitate towards males and so most of my friends were guys, but after the three years I’ve been in this women’s empowerment group, I’ve come to realize the importance of the female friendship and how liberating and awesome it can be to know and have women who have your back or can simply just talk about sensitive, lovey dovey stuff with. In short, girl power rocks, and we see that in Lumberjanes, a comic book written by Noelle Stevenson and Shannon  Watters.

In this fictional world, Noelle and Shannon have created a quintet of kick-butt girls who are really just models based on the real life friendships that girls have or need in their lives. The writers really stress the importance of friendship over everything else, which entails loyalty and trust, which is really befitting for these girls because they’re girl scouts. But putting the fact that they wear sashes and collect badges aside, underneath it all they’re just your regular teenage girls who like to tell scary stories, explore the woods, and appease mythological beasts with jewels and gold. Yup, just you’re ordinary, everyday gals. Seriously though, even with the mythological and magical elements of the story, Jo, Mal, Molly, Ripley, and April– the Lumberjanes– are all super relatable and realistic girls. These are the kind of characters who make it easy to find one that you identify with.

I think the thing that makes these girls so lovable is that they’re not perfect. Far from it really. They’re a little bit kooky, they’re messy, they mess up, they get jealous, they fight, they cry– they’re really human and it’s beautiful. If you haven’t already, I suggest picking this book up for yourself or handing it to a young girl that you care about because this book, although at times lighthearted and silly, is deeply thoughtful and at it’s heart a book about girls/women, for women/girls. Which is not to say if you’re a part of the male audience or another audience that this book would not touch you or make you laugh, because honestly, it’s a book for all ages and people. So, make your pledge today and join the troop– become a Lumberjane!

– Kathryn Fornier


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