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Summer Silence



Dir. Ingmar Bergman


  1. Voice is the first thing they lose when their first love’s gone.
  2. It is always too late when they realize this: it is innate for the first to leave and make room for the second.

The first love always leaves, the voice leaves first. And when voices leave, you know what happens –– storms come. Is there recovery?

Ingmar Bergman understood that, I feel. His Summer Interlude meditates on these sounds that we discover and lose. Ballerina Marie faced the very same lessons that absorb all of us: first love’s coming and leaving.

She meets him:

“The ship that hooted in the distance, and other things too: the music and the moonlight, the silence and the anticipation, the blood whispering in our ears. A strange mood set in, almost like a melody. A new room opened up in our minds.”

She has lost him:

“The silence between us was immense as well.”

Is this just about silences and storms?

“Lucky is the one who will teach you.”


~ Hardik Yadav





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