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Your Eyes Open: Letting Go and Holding Hope

Kat’s Music and Comics Corner (Issue #3)

Your Eyes Open: Letting Go and Holding Hope

Each of us has a song that we can listen to over on repeat, in fact, we may have many songs that we just can’t get enough of. Whether it be because of the catchy beat, moving vocals, or the thoughtful lyrics, we put that song on repeat because it has special meaning to us. If I had to choose one album to listen to for the rest of my life I’d probably explode because I wouldn’t know which Beatles album to choose (probably Magical Mystery Tour). Putting aside the Fab Four though, I’d probably choose Keane’s album, Hopes and Fears.

On road trips with my family, my older sister and I would sing along to all the songs on Hopes and Fears, and as we made our way to our destination little did we know that with the music on this album that we were, in a way, making spiritual journeys too. My sister was chopping onions one day and playing Keane out loud on her cellphone, when I noticed the lyrics to one of the album’s songs. They really stuck to me. The song was “Your Eyes Open”.

I only noticed a portion of the lyrics that said: “I don’t know you and I don’t want to.” This connected with me on a spiritual level because at the time I was going through the processing of letting go of a friendship that was once very strong. It didn’t turn out well for that friend and I due to complications like my on-going struggles with manic depression and paranoia. This affected our relationship greatly and when we grew very distant I began to miss them but also realized that I never really knew them as a person. It was weird to feel so close yet so far to a person.

Then, as my sister cut her onion she pointed out the next part of the lyrics: “Until the moment your eyes open and you know.” How had I not noticed those lyrics? I was so preoccupied by the negativity that I did not see the hopeful lyrics that were telling me to hold on. I realize that sometimes we need to move and let go but I’ve also learned that holding out for some hope, whether in a friendship or love, isn’t too toxic or harmful if the realization of the relationship’s worth is mutual between both parties. To put simply, when both people’s eyes open to how much the other means to them something beautiful may come of it.

– Kathryn Fornier


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