A Look Into The Future

The Time Machine, is a novel by H.G Wells, and is definitely one of my favorite works. Within this short novel, is a world which captivates the reader, and a plot which keeps you craving for more. What is unique about The Time Machine, is that unlike most novels which place a great amount of focus on the character and their development, the novel focuses mainly on the plot and its progression. This is evident in the way H.G Wells only gives three characters within the novel, names. These characters are also all supporting characters, and we never gain any in depth knowledge of them. This emphasizes the fact that H.G Wells, wished to place more focus on the story rather than the characters. What the characters provided are certain roles, which help shape the story. Coincidentally, Wells identified most of the characters not by their names but by their roles such as the Time Traveler, the very young man, and the narrator.

The novel starts off with the narrators telling of how he and a group of men, had listened to the Time Travelers theory, which was that time was the fourth dimension. The Time Traveler uses a miniature time machine in his demonstration to prove his theory, and he ends up making the machine disappear. A week later the guests come back to the home of the Time Traveler to find him bedraggled. After dinner, the Time Traveler begins his tale of how he traveled into the future, to the year 802,701 AD. In that time, he found himself in world very distant from the one he came from, what seemed to be a Utopia, inhabited by small humanoid creatures. These creatures, called the Eloi, were peaceful and feeble creatures, who treated him with kindness and offered him fruits. Afterwards he goes on to explore the land, and upon his return, finds his time machine missing. It’s here when he finds out that the Eloi are not the only creatures which inhabited this new Earth.

The novel conveys certain outlooks for the future of mankind. In his quest to recover the time machine, he makes new discoveries about this strange new world, and uncovers the mysteries it contains.  He soon discovers the existence of the Morlock’s, a subterranean humanoid species, who seem to be the culprits in the case of the missing time machine. The Morlock’s unlike their, vacuous, beautiful and feeble counterparts the Eloi, are described as being vermin, and “Nauseatingly inhuman”. What also differentiates the two races is the fact that the Morlock’s work, while the Eloi just play all day long. According to the Time Travelers theory the Eloi descended from the upper-class of society, who did nothing but enjoy the pleasures of life. While the Morlock’s descended from the working class, and now seek revenge upon their previous masters. The Time Machine, is more than just some novel about some man’s adventure into the future. It makes us take a good look at our society, and makes us wonder in what direction are we heading.  And will the rich continue living carefree lives at the expense of the poor and working class?



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