Dir. Ben Petrie


[16 minutes. Short film on Vimeo. In fact, one of Vimeo’s staff pick for ‘Best of the Year.’]

Robert does not like Liv’s friend Adam. “I. don’t. like. that. guy.”

Adam is coming over later this evening.

Robert did not know Liv has invited her (supposedly gay) friend Adam.

Robert tries to look at their phone conversation when Liv is not around.

Liv catches him.


That’s where it begins to spiral down, their relationship.

Short films are like short stories; they are hard, they are expected to be perfect (we forgive/defend movies and novels all the time), and they don’t even reach as much of an audience as they most definitely deserve to.

Vimeo happens to be my favorite place to flood my face, mind, and soul with these short films.

And that’s why in our focus this week, we have one such short story. Her Friend Adam. I cannot define its genre. (Is ‘perfect’ a genre? No?) I saw it after midnight, by myself, under a blanket, lights turned off, and I find it important that I mention that, because in another circumstance, I might have laughed, and would have parroted my laughing friends’ response “It’s funny.” Except it’s not.

The process was intense for me. Imagine jealousy as an onion, in the hands of a witty director, who by the way also plays Robert, and it’s not crying that you’re doing; you’re looking at this strong emotion being ripped one layer at a time; it’s a strong emotion you’re feeling, and it is not crying, not laughing; it is undefined, really.

Except for this one sentiment all its audiences are known to feel: “I. love. Her. Friend. Adam.”

~ Hardik Yadav


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