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Floetry Flashback Fridays with Nicole

On this week’s “Floetry Fridays” we’re taking it back to our last issue of the Obscura. In our Spring 2016 issue, a poet by the name of Jesse Torres had his poem called “The Battle of Creativity” published.

As creators of art whether in the forms of writing, painting, song-writing, filmmaking etc. we all incessantly deal with this feeling of self-doubt, and are locked out of our own imaginative kingdom in our minds periodically. This poem was an incredible spin on the way we see our art being translated from our heads and into a tangible piece of work through its use of astounding imagery. The lines “The pen lies next to the paper/waiting for me/to call his number” and “He is willing to suffocate/and shed blood for me/like a good soldier should.” is really a clever way to introduce this notion of a “writer’s block,” by personifying this marriage of a pen and paper into soldiers in a war. A war against unknown creativity that needs to be bled out, in an immolation of fallen ideas to get the best result. This is a cycle that everyone who is passionate about their work must struggle with to overcome. It was such a surprising way to really change the perspective of this journey the artist must go on, and instead shift the point of view to the objects that must endure this internal and external war.

It’s very intriguing that this poem contains darker themes of destruction and warfare, yet retains its comical sense in it. The parts“they risk their lives/for the day know as:”/Due Day.” and “There will be second and third drafts./Meaning that there will be more casualties/in the war of creativity.” are stanzas of pure genius as “Due Day” is a satirical take on WWII’s “D-Day” which every single artist with a deadline can relate too, especially students. It is that dreadful ticking of the clock that allows the fleshing out of ideas, as most people tend to do better when under pressure. However, when having to play this chess game of what to add and erase, our pens and the platform on which it battles (paper) must endure this agony of creative torture. It is a form of repetitive artistic manslaughter that must happen, in order for all these incredible forms of expression to exist.

This poem is an intoxication of the mind for any artist who knows what it is like to go through the emotions of creating their works of passion. With creativity comes blood, sweat and tears for all parties involved. So next time, instead of throwing your pen around out of frustration, or crumbling up that “unimportant” piece of paper with jotted ideas, think about how they feel. Our tools have feelings too!

If you want to read the rest of this awesome poem, along with the rest of our past Obscura magazine editions go to our website and check them out!







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