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Love’s A Dog



Dir. Alejandro González Iñárritu


Amores Perros. Love’s a dog. (Loose and suited translation from the Spanish.)

“Masters take after their dogs, you know,” says Emilio Echevarria’s character, El Chivo, in the movie.

Let’s drop everything for a second and enter the titular metaphor here:

“Love’s a dog.”

And El Chivo’s words:

“Masters take after their dogs.”

And have this moment of awakening: We take after our love.

In Amores Perros, we have three stories, interconnected and involving a car accident, dogs, and coarse amor. All the characters are affected by the love they have taken after: Octavio’s dog fights other dogs in the fighting ring, Valeria’s dog cannot help itself in the situation it faces, and El Chivo’s dogs are going through healing process and need cleaning. All in the name of love.

What love do you take after? Has your love changed over time and changed you? Are you taking care of that love and indirectly taking care of yourself?

Don’t answer these to me, these are for you to introspect. For Love’s a dog, and that dog is yours to keep.

~ Hardik Yadav


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