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DAOKO: Electronic Space Dream

Kat’s Music and Comics Corner (Issue #1)

Daoko, a Japanese singer and rapper, has a voice that cannot be described in one word. An original sound that encompasses words like haunting, soft, dreamlike.

In her newest, eponymous album, DAOKO, she explores the strange and the creepy sounds associated with outer space. Daoko’s voice ranges from kawaii (the Japanese word for cute), in the song “Kimi”, to ominous, in “JK”.

“Suisei” starts off the album with Japanese lyrics that translate to “It twinkles and shines, between the stars, when we dance until dawn.” Immediately we are drawn into a world beyond ours and this space theme continues in other songs like “Ichiban Boshi” where she sings “Let me explode, let me emanate, and cause a great many shooting stars.”

Overall, the album is a space opera odyssey that takes you to all the planets and then some. To answer the question she poses in the album’s 4th song, “Yume Utsutsu”, beyond that sky, what’s out there? A wonderful electronic space dream called Daoko.

– Kathryn Fornier


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