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Open Mic Night: Fall 2016

Open Mic Night was a rather successful and enjoyable event! There were chips, drinks, dessert and pizza for the taking. The room was lit up around the walls with lights and streamers that hung across the ceiling. The stage was lit, the mic was on and the host was ready to go!

Recording by me, Host: Austin Davis, Follow on Twitter: @act4lifedavis
This event was hosted by Austin Davis. He was a wonderful addition to the event which brought the room to laughter, cheering and clapping. There were a handful of performers who came to support Open Mic Night at Lehman college ! The list of performers included some of Osbcura’s own members Gabby O’Connor, Dimitiros Lefas and Jigme Choerab. Gaby and Dimitrios each recited a wonderful poem of their own, while Jigme and his bandmate of Amusia, Gregory Morelo, played original songs on their acoustic guitars. Turn up your volume, and full screen these great performances!!
(for more performances check out Obscura’s Facebook page, I will warn you, some of the videos are shakey…Multi-tasking is hard!!) 
Recording by me, and both videos are performed by Amusia, Follow them HERE on Facebook!
Along with the Obscura members were a few other students and faculty who sang and read. One of the poets that gave a jaw dropping performance was by Ni-emah Bugg a young lady who performed at this past spring Open Mic Night event. So, I knew this year we were in for something spectualuar! Ni-emah did not disappoint.
Ni-emah Bugg has recited an original poem and graced us with her wonderful voice of an original tune. She brought the room to a stand still. She was captivating and mesmerizing by her flow of words, truly inspiring to watch and listen to.
Obscura’s Open Mic Night event was also live streamed, and photographed. We decided to try something new for this Open Mic Night by making it accessible to those who could not attend the event. I would say it needed to be tweaked and tuned to get the camera right but overall, it could be something to do again in the future.
15267813_1266344840093690_2049962611820929593_nCo-President’s of Obscura, Melanie Hernandez (left) and Kejana Ayala (right) outside the event.
Due to the success of last night and this past spring semester, this will be an event that will happen EVERY semester at Lehman College. For those who took time to help decorate the event, Thank You! And to those who attended the event and performed you were all wonderful and really made Open Mic Night something to remember!
Side note: those who performed or who are interested in publishing those poems or any poems, work of art or photographs we have extended our date for our Spring 2017 obscura Issue to THIS Monday, December 12th!
Please email all submissions, questions, comments or concerns to:
Written By: Rachel Strom

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