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Open Mic Night Memories

Open Mic Night Spring 2016 was a HUGE success!

I was able to speak with some current Obscura members who were lucky enough to experience Open Mic Night last semester. A few members explained how special it was to see performers display their different talents. Some recited poetry, rapped verses, and others played guitar and sang classic hits. Lehman College students did not disappoint at the last Open Mic Night event. 

There were Lehman students, faculty, and administrators that came to support Open Mic Night event, which was a highlight for one member. Obscura members discussed different highlights of performer’s and poetry that took the stage. Performer’s were captivating and brought the room with laughter and fun.

Spring 2016 Open Mic Night host was the talented Obscura member, Sara Rosa. She was able to really make the event exciting! For this semester’s host will be a new Obscura member’s Ashley Davis’s brother, Austin. He is an actor who acted in a film called, “What Happened Last Night” which is currently in Select Theaters now. The second film which is currently in production called, “Old Dog, New Tricks,” which is a spin-off of the first film! We are thrilled to have Austin Davis host next week’s Open Mic Night and can’t wait to see him in action. 

Another act that seems to have a lot of buzz from last semester’s Open Mic Night is Obscura’s own, Jigme Choerab’s band Amusia . They are coming back for another round of more classic hits and possibly NEW songs! Clearly THIS  December 6th, will be bigger and better.

Flyer Designed by Obscura Member: Malika Victor

Please join us and bring your friends, professors, and family! If you are interested in performing or have someone in mind and they don’t have to be a Lehman student, get them signed up and email us at : 

We will also have a sign-up sheet the day of the event. We can’t wait to see YOU there!! 


Written by: Rachel Strom


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