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More than Meets the Eye.

After it’s publication in 1848, the Communist Manifesto lost its popularity, being disregarded by many as just another pamphlet of political propaganda. The writers of the Pamphlet, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels also found their way into political obscurity, working solely as journalists.

However, by 1868, the Manifesto found made its way into the homes of almost every individual, not only in Europe, but also Asia and South America. In the preface for the 2012 edition of the Manifesto, Eric Hobsbawm suggests three reasons[1] for the resurgence: 1. Marx had gained a reputation as a leader at the First International; 2. Marx had gained a huge following after his support for the Paris commune; 3. In the treason trail of the Democratic Socialist party in Germany, the prosecution had read out loud the Manifesto, making it possible to be printed in a large volume as part of the court proceedings.

The Manifesto was gained notoriety for sure, sparking world-shaking revolutions, along with countless smaller ones. However, beyond the political ideologies in the manifesto, it is filled with stunning prose, and powerful poetry. It contained words relatable to every one suffering from oppression, rendering then the power to fight for what’s right.
You do not need to be a socialist to enjoy reading this masterpiece. I recommend the communist manifesto as one of the greatest works of literature from the 1800s.

Here is the link for an online version:

-Jigme Choerab



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