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“The Mouse that Roared”

We’ve all seen people, in general, deducing the smallest in size as the weakest. There are times when people and things that are diminutive, are written off in a competition of any kind. However, is it an objective fact that the smaller you are, the weaker?

The book “The Mouse that Roared[1],” is a satirical novel about the Cold War, by Irish American author Leonard Wibberly. The book shows that size doesn’t truly matter. The book is about a small country called the Duchy Of Grand Fenwick who shakes the foundation of the entire world. The country, though microscope in the grand scale of the earth, has people with the hearts of lions. They are resilient and dedicated to the defense and the perpetuity of their small Duchy.

Napoleon Bonaparte was a rather short fellow who took Europe by the scruff of the neck, the peasants of Europe were the serfs of the Bourgeoisie until revolution of the masses, and the Duchy of Grand Fenwick was a country who’s economy was threatened, and in an attempt to turn things around, managed to bring the so called “leaders of the world” down on their knees.

An exceptionally inspiring book, bound to keep you on the edge of your seat. Although, be careful not to fall off laughing because the satire, irony, intelligence and simple humor in the book is irresistible; of the Orwell-esque kind.

Read the short book here:

-JIgme Choerab



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