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Jazz Up the Semester!

Would you like to experience the sound and the feel of a jazz club, while learning a little about it’s history? Would you like to surround yourself with the world’s best young jazz artists? If you nodded “yes!” to any of these questions, I have some great news for you!

The 8th Annual Johnny Pacheco Latin Jazz Festival is just around the corner, at our very own Lehman College. This year, for the first time, the festival is going to have an extra day, which means that we should get ready for a four-day jazz marathon from November 16th to November 19th. On the fourth day, along with the student jazz ensemble, the KOSA International Percussion Workshop will be performing.

Due to the festival’s success last year, with web-hits from over 25 countries, Allan Molnar, Executive Producer and Artistic Director of The Pacheco Festival, has invited distinct jazz artists to perform, including bands all the way from Winnipeg, Canada, and Manhattan, Kansas. By attending the Latin Jazz Festival you are certain to discover new musicians, and bask in the glory of their distinct styles of play.

The Johnny Pacheco Latin Jazz Festival provides learning opportunities and performance experience to talented young musicians studying music in New York City and surrounding areas. On average, more than 250 students perform at this event which gives them the potential to enter the music industry. Molnar is excited about the success of the past few festivals, and hopes to create a Lehman Alumni Ensemble in the future.

The festival will be held in The Studio Theatre, in the Music Building. Although The Lovinger had a higher capacity, the new location is more intimate, which is an integral part of jazz music. The transference of energy is what makes Jazz, “Jazz,” and the studio Theatre is perfect.

Fun Fact* Did you know that Dr. Pacheco received his Honorary Doctorate from Lehman College is 2011? He also coined the term “Salsa!”

By the way, if Jazz doesn’t fully tickle your fancy, the Pacheco Festival is also going to showcase some Hip-Hop pieces.

The event will be accessible via the Internet, at The Johnny Pacheco Latin Jazz Festival telecasts live throughout the world via Bronxnet TV, which is channel 168 on cable.

We, at Obscura, will certainly be grooving to the magic of jazz, at the 8th Annual Johnny Pacheco Latin Jazz Festival, from November 16th till November 19th. Come witness seasoned musicians, along with young and vibrant music students, perform some of the best music you will ever hear, for free. It really does not get any better than that!

-Jigme Choerab




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