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For the Love of Art

So are you the kind of person who feels that the artistic environment of your borough is not represented, as it should be? Do you feel frustrated at the lack of opportunities given to the local artists of the Bronx? Well, my fellow art lover, allow me to share with you some great news.

On the 28th of October i.e., this Friday, at 5:30pm, Hydropunk[1], an organization that promotes local artists of the New York, usually known for the support they give to underground musicians, is holding their first ever Art Exposition. The venue is 1718 Van Buren Street, Bronx, New York[2]. Although Hydropunk has organized many musically themed events in the past, this will be their very first Art Expo.

The Hydropunk Art Expo is going to showcase artwork of various underground artists, as well as a number of Hip Hop artists, dancers, poets, and indie-rock musicians. These include, a very promising trio of upcoming rappers known as “White Lotus.” Their work is very energetic, all the while being very lyrically intelligent.

The entrance fee will be 2$ per person, and it is to be used for future Hydropunk events. The Art Expo, which has a “zero tolerance for hate,” is open to all ages. Monica Flores, one of the founders of Hydropunk, and a student of Journalism at Lehman College, ensures that tremendous security measures have been taken for the safety of the artists as well as the people attending.

This is a chance for us to support the growth and development of our local artists. We at Obscura hope to see you there. Lastly, if this is a further encouragement for you to attend, yours truly will be performing there as a part of the indie acoustic duo “Amusia.”

-Jigme Choerab

[1] For more information, visit the Hydropunk page on Facebook.

[2] You may take the uptown (Bronx bound) 2 or 5 train to 180th Street. From there, the location is a five minute walk.


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