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Remember Me?

Looking back at Obscura Spring 2015 issue, I went to the last poem of the book to see who wrote it, and what the title was. I enjoy looking at the title first and making my own assumptions before I begin to read. The title you give for anything is very important. It sets up the reader to know what to expect in the next few moments. It also very improtantly, draws the atteniton of the reader, crowd, and a person to the story you are trying to tell. What I like to think as, the cherry on top of a perfectly delciatable piece of sweet writing.

This particular title is called, “When I’m Gone”, by Jesse Torres. When ever I think of my life there are ups and downs that I go through as I mentioned in my last post “Inspiration in Darkness”, it inspires me to write as I believe it inspired Jesse to write his. Even when you are the lonliest person, or THE lone wolf, YOU want to be remembered in some way. You want to have a legacy, a talent, a spark that people look back and say, “Oh yeah! Thats whats his(her) name, so and so, I remember them!”… Yeah, I want that too.

But what this writer was going for was discussing the pressures of being rememebred, and wanting to be perfect in the eyes of others. Honestly, it couldn’t be more true about life general. We all strive for something, all have that one jounrey with different roads, we meet people who lift us up and hopefully say, “you’ve got talent kid”, and  “theres a spark in you!” something, anything that sticks with you forever. You try to remain humble but deep down inside your insides are lighting up like the fourth of july at the complement that was just spoken to you….

Breaking News! reality is, no one is perfect, not even me, and not even you.

There is a line he writes what I find rather interesting…

“So I contemplated suicide- of the heart and soul.”

If you lose your heart and soul, what do you have left? better yet, how can you live? Thoughts like that are easy to come by. I know for me, writing takes a toll on me. Yes it is my carreer path, but it certaintly has its moments of darkness when all I wanna do is delete everything and give up. Buy you just can’t do that.

His final lines are,

As my pen stopped bleeding,

I became a beacon of light for some

and a hall of obscurity for others.

You will learn all this,

when I’m gone.

Basically saying that everything I have gone through, my highs and lows, you will soon know what I went through. My life had its great moments, but also my low moments…and when I’m gone, all will be told… so get ready.

It’s a very beautiful poem. Well written and if Jesse Torres wanted to be remembered in some way, I believe he will be. This poem resistates with many struggling to get to where they want to be in life. I am still on that path of struggle, but each day I will overcome, what he mentioned were, “hurdles higher than the Sears Tower”.

So, I leave you with this… What do YOU want to be remembred for?


*If you want to submit your stories, poems, and artwork submit now till DEC 7TH*


By: Rachel Strom


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