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You and Blue

Trees and the moonlight.

Moonlight and the night sky.

Night sky and the dreams.

Dreams and you.

You and blue.

The summer I wrote this, I was a kid, yes, but that was the summer I was awake and aware of the color blue more than ever before. From strolling to the milk vendors at the dawning of the day to drooling on both the pillows at night, I was growing a sense for blue. Blue this, blue that, blue everything.

Where were you and blue? Do you know blue?

Director David Lynch took his relationship with blue to the screen, and called it Blue Velvet. It was a movie wrapped around the mystery and discovery of a human ear and a songstress who wore blue. “She wore blue velvet/ bluer than velvet was the night/”

But those discoveries and the mystery adventure that follows entails college student Jeffrey Beaumont (played by Kyle MacLachlan), who must get to the unknown blue. But should he? When he does finally meet her, lounge singer Dorothy Vallens (played by Isabella Rossellini), it’s from an immediate distance, from behind her closet doors.

She has the deafness of Joan Miró’s This Is the Color of My Dreams and the dreaminess of Van Gogh’s The Starry Night. When she takes the stage in her blue velvet gown and glows in the blue light falling on her, we don’t see her truth and she becomes a mystery yet once again even for those who know her. Jeffrey naturally had to be absorbed; he had been without a mystery a long time now. In the middle of the movie, he, too, recognizes the weight it has. “I am in the middle of a mystery,” he says. But does he see that he’s in the middle of blue?

Jeffrey, when he discovered the ear, was in blue; Dorothy, when she discovers Jeffrey in her closet, is in blue. You are in the middle of blue. I am in the middle of blue. We all are in the middle of blue.

Where were we before we realized that? Are we looking enough? Should we not look for blue?

You and I walk on the same brown ground, are away from the same blue sky … still it’s remarkable how much blue attends to all of us. And blue’s never the same. For you, for me.

Are you giving blue its due? Are you making it about you and blue?


-Hardik Yadav


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