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Inspiration in Darkness

Obscura recently announced they are looking for new submissions for the Spring 2017 issue. A few students have approached me wondering

what to write about, and what you can submit as artwork.

Most writers and artists will tell you that sometimes inspiration can come from the darkest of times, and happiest. A couple of years ago I went through a dark time in my life, and the only thing I constantly did was write, a lot. One of the most memorable poems I have ever written is entitled, “Devil in Disguise.” It was written in about ten minutes, and posted immediately on my old Tumblr page, which i currently do not use anymore.

The poem was briefly about a real life situation I was in when I was about sixteen. There was someone who entered my family’s life and basically tried to turn everyone against me. It was one of the most hurtful and painful things I went through as a teenager. The closest people in my life were and are, my Mom, Brother and my grandmother, when she was alive. This person would do just about anything to try to get a hold of my family and make sure they knew how terrible I was. Needless to say, that person is no longer in our lives, and I thank God for that everyday. My life has had a lot of ups and downs as many 0f our lives do. You live and learn during the darkest times of your life. I actually hope to submit it and publish it in the Obscura Magazine for Spring 2017 issue.

Moreover, when searching for something new to write about for my weekly Friday posts, I knew that I wanted to find something relatable and interesting to discuss, and share with you, the reader. I searched in an older issue of Obscura. Which is where I found a poem written by Ladyne Gomez, entitled, “On My Grave” and the artwork was done by, Meredith Archibald. Before evening reading the poem you can see the drawing surrounding the poem in a very unique way! It immeditatly got my attention, (photo below)

There is what looks to be a young child sitting in front of grave with birds in a cemetery. The art work is split into two pages, but as a whole it is beautifully done. If it were in color, I could see the colorful trees, but dark sky, with the child sitting in front of the gravestone. The child in the drawing isn’t smiling, but is looking at a little bird that flew onto his/her hand. In my mind, birds are free to go and fly up into the sky. It is almost like the child in the drawing is looking at this bird for comfort. The poetry is about a loss of a mother. She describes what I assumed the birds being comfort as,

“soothing chirps, silky smooth feather, black orbs that take me into serenity.”

A soothing take on what birds symbolize in this particular poem, as I expected to be something of comfort for this young child. It is very touching and moving imagery that Ladyne Gomez creates in her poem. The final lines to this short poem,

“I’ve given you the message: Mamma, I’ll miss you too.”

It brings in the poem to reality that maybe there is great loss in this person’s heart. A loss of a mother I cannot imagine. My mother is my best friend, I am blessed to have her in my life. Imagining a life without the mother that raised me and loved me is heartbreaking.

This poem is heartfelt and touching, and the artwork that accompany’s this poem is beautifully done. I would love to see more submissions like this in the future, it brings such originality to writing and something unique for the readers. Thank you Ladyne for submitting such a beautiful poem, And Meredith for the artwork, well done!


Click the link, to read more submissions from the past and if are interested in reading more from this Spring 2011 issue of Obscura, Click Here!

Writers and artists that want to submit stories, poems, and/or artwork, please submit to our email: before December 7th!

Written by: Rachel Strom


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