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Pizza Party

On September 21, 2016, Obscura held their first big event of the Spring 2016 semester “Keep Calm and Pizza On” event, put together by the following, Co president’s Melanie and Kejana, as well as, contributing editors and graphic designer/event planners, Dimitrios, Malika, Sara and myself (provided dessert).


Poster was designed by: Malika Victor, graphic designer/editor/event coordinator for Obscura.

The event was promoted throughout the school and through the English Department at Lehman College. This particular event that took place was to promote, Obscura: The Lehman College Literary and Arts Magazine, as well as, attracting potential new members. The event had free food and drinks for all Lehman college students to attend Wednesday Afternoon. About thirty people attended the event to hear about what Obscura has to offer for students.

Obscura offers great opportunities, for artists, writers and those who want to get more involved with Lehman. This pizza event is just the beginning of what is to come for Obscura members, and potential members. Halloween is just around the corner, so you know what that means! …A NEW EXCITING EVENT COMING SOON, follow us on Facebook so you don’t miss it! (click here)

The pizza event began with opening commentary by Co-Presidents of Obscura, Melanie and Kejana welcoming the students. Other members that took part at the event was a contributing editor, Jigme, who performed an acoustic set of some covers, as well as an original, he wrote. It was a wonderful addition to this event that got people holding out their phones to take pictures and videos as if it was a real concert. Later after pizza was served and cookies, donuts and more cookies were devoured one of the event coordinators/editors of Obscura, Sara, read a poem that was published in last years Obscura magazine. (which is free, and out now for the taking in the English Department 3rd floor in Carman) Below is a video of Sara reading her poem:

We were thrilled to showcase our current members, and show that there is more to Lehman College than just attending classes and going to work and back home. Towards the end of the event there was a fun quiz game that happened. Candy was given out to the winners who got Obscura trivia correct. It was a successful event that ended with a handful of surveys being passed around to fill out, (which you can request by emailing:*) the survey is a form for new Obscura members. It must be filled out so that we get to know you and what kind of writings and jobs you would like to have in Obscura. December 7th is deadline for when submissions are due!  So get those creative juices flowing, we can’t wait to see what you have been creating!!

In honor of Obscura, let me personally welcome you and if you are considering joining we hope you do join our wonderful literary arts magazine!

Please email: 

*For more information, and the new members survey please send us an email. And if you are interested in submitting stories, writings, and/or artwork please email us as well, we are taking submissions till Dec 7th. Thank you! 

Written by: Rachel Strom


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