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Are You Up For The Hunt?

This past summer I just played a truly amazing game titled The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. In case you have never heard of this series before, the basic premise involves a fantasy world inhabited by foul monsters, elves, dwarves, and humans as well as mages and sorcerers.Yet there is also another group of people in the world called witchers, to put it in simple terms witchers are monster hunters for hire. However, in this world witchers are both hated and feared by humans and non-humans. Now that is where the protagonist Geralt comes into play, in the game you play as Geralt and you hunt monsters, take on quests and explore the beautiful yet errie world of The Witcher. While hunting monsters you can also vist cities, hunt for treasure, meet new and exciting characters, get tangled up in drama and conflict and even get sent to visit a king. Now visiting the king is where the main story comes into play, the main plot of the game is where Geralt has to save the king’s daughter Cirila from an evil force known as The Wild Hunt. Trying to find Cirila will take you to various locations across the world, each with their own climates and landscapes and problems. Now while playing this game not only was I blown away by not only it’s gameplay, but very well written story and enviroments as well as the music which really went hand in hand with exploring the world. Now ususally I never really thought of video games as a form of art but believe me, playing this game will really make you question how it can be possible. Exploring the beautiful forest landscapes filled with tall green trees and various flowers blomming on the ground with a giant snowcapped mountain in the distance and the golden shinging sun just feels so amazing and real. It was as if I just took a step back from reality and was immersed in the world. So to this I say yes, video games really can be considered a form of art.
Landscape from The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
  • Dimitrios Lefas



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