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Are We Human?

Most “normal” people would assume there is “something wrong” with you if you don’t share their sympathy with them in the case of a tragic event. Whatever the case maybe, sometimes people mask their feelings and emotions for various reasons. People do this either to forget about the feelings of pain whether they be emotionally or physically, heck even sometimes mentally painful. Although, there is one film that actually takes into the account of the ideas of sympathy for other people as well as what’s it like to be considered human. This film, Blade Runner (which I have recently watched over this past summer) provides it’s viewer with the question of whether or not the protagonist is even human. The protagonist of Blade Runner is a retired bounty hunter which goes by the name of Rick Deckard (and is played by Harrison Ford). The main plot/synopsis of the film involves Rick having to eliminate 4 various replicants (androids that look identical to humans) as a way of finally finishing of his career as a bounty hunter. Rick’s views on replicants constantly changes through out the film, in the beginning he sees them as dangerous but eventually he starts to sympathize with them. As for what it’s like to be considered human, the film uses memories as a driving force behind the question of being human. A couple of instances where this happens in the film is when Rick meets a woman named Rachel. Rachel is a replicant but believes she’s human because she has memories implanted within her. At first Rick doesn’t show any sympathy for her because he knows her memories are implanted and false. However, this doesn’t stop Rick from falling in love with her, and soon even the non-human replicants show him what it’s like to be human. In a way it’s funny how a non-human entity can act more “human” then an actual human. I will not spoil the film by providing examples, just take into regards what I said about memories and being human and applying them to the film. Trust me it will all be worth in end, especially by the flim’s climax.


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