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A Drabble a Day

Ah, writer’s block. Our greatest enemy. Whether you’re writing an essay, story, poem, or any other kind of work, there’s always a point when the pressure becomes too overwhelming. The stress fries our brains, and the words stop pouring out the way we hope they will. Wouldn’t it be nice to write without any pressure and to make writing fun instead of a tedious task? Alas, there is a way.

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce the Drabble.

Whether you know it by its name or not, drabbles have been written time and time again, especially in blogs or certain fanfiction communities, but they are not limited to these platforms. Drabbles are short passages of writing that are usually shorter than 1,000 words. The length of a drabble—often started out with some sort of prompt—is entirely up to the writer. A drabble can be a moment in hundreds of words or even a year in a few sentences. Some drabbles convey an entire story with a beginning, middle, and end while others can describe a plotless yet beautiful moment.

The purpose of drabbles is the freedom to write without commitment. A drabble can be an experiment of freewriting, for you get the option to keep it, expand it, or throw it away. It can be a rant of your thoughts, a scene with a character in the back of your mind, or an alternative ending for a book or movie you love or wish you can change. The beauty of drabbles is the lack of limitations, especially since you don’t have to force a structure onto it.

Fear of writer’s block is a major obstacle between writers and their stories, but we shouldn’t just stop writing if we get stuck. Studies have proved that writing for even just twenty minutes a day can help the words flow. In here comes the drabble. A drabble a day keeps the writer’s block away!

So if you get stuck or have doubts about your writing (I know I’ve been there!), try writing a drabble. Remember, it can be fifty words to five hundred words. The number doesn’t matter. What matters is that writers should have the chance to write every so often without worrying about pressure, guidelines, or judgment.


For anyone interested, here are a few optional writing prompts:


I’ll drink to that.

Two friends meet again.

Falling in love for the fifth time…

The end/beginning of the world.

Learning to fall/fly.


Feel free to change to prompt however you want. If you like, feel free to post your drabble in the comments below. There will be no pressure or judgment, but it’s a great opportunity to put your words and thoughts out there.


-Kejana Ayala


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