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All Bad Things…

All things come to an end, even the bad things. When life gets impossible, there will always be a point when the suffering or the painstaking effort has to end, and this is what William Murrah expresses in his poem, “Whirled Through the World.”

Murrah’s poem portrays the experience of being at the world’s mercy. His speaker mentions how the world if full of roads “hot as coals,” benders that throw you/into your heart-throes,” and wind that “tries to blow you.” There are times when it feels as though the world is against you when it spends so much time enforcing obstacles and suffering that shake you to your core. Murrah reminds us that we can begin to spin to situation if we “try to find the flow” and try to adjust to the situation before we are able to find the upper hand.

The repetition used in this poem parallels the cycles of hardships, suffering, and resolution that we sometimes face, but as the speaker points out, the snow “always melts.” There is always a moment of relief even if that moment may be too short-lived. The heat and cold imagery helps the reader experience the 180 that life pulls and pushes at you. You never really know what to expect, but you can always stick with “what you know” to get by.

“Whirled Through the Wind” reminds us that there is always hope no matter how dire certain situations are. Whether that moment of reprieve is minutes away or even years away, we will reach it.


Here is the excerpt from Obscura’s 6th Volume (2015, p. 69):


William Murrah


Whirled Through The World


If the road is hot as coals

or if it’s icy and tripping up your soles

and the wind tries to whoa you

and your soul is fighting woe

and the benders that throw you

into your heart-throes.

If you’re being whirled

through the world,

just try to find the flow;

if the road is hot as coals

or if it’s icy, and tripping up your soles

and the wind tries to blow you

and the snow’s about to pelt

Know what you know: it always melts.


-Kejana Ayala


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