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The Wait is Almost Over!

After reading Stephanie Trinidad’s short story “Delusional Batman” from Obscura’s sixth (2015) volume, one can do nothing but dwell in anticipation for the next section. We readers are in luck! Obscura’s seventh volume, releasing May 4, in the Lehman College Art Gallery at the Obscura Launch Party, will include Trinidad’s long-awaited follow-up “Problematic Quinn.”

For those who have not read Trinidad’s short story, let me tell you now, this is a must read! Following the tab on the top of this screen named “Submissions,” then selecting “Previous Issues” to download the 2015 PDF of Obscura’s volume six issue. Scroll down to page 50 and enter into the mind of a college student turned insane by heartbreak and betrayal.

Immediately captivated by a tale so many of us can relate too, keeps the readers engaged till completely engulfed in the fragmented plot. Trinidad’s use of breaking the story up into sections of the past and present that alternate to reveal the truth behind the condition of this so-called “Delusional Batman,” leaves no room for subtly, but instead forces our imagination to run wild in so many different directions.

Incredibly written to give the readers an easy flowing read, making it possible to grasp the patchy story’s hidden messages that only Trinidad knows. Is he really delusional? Or is he Batman? We will have to wait to see what Trinidad has in store for us come this May 4th! So come join us at our Launch Party from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM, there’s going to be pasta, cake, and readings!

Melanie H.


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