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Obscura Launch Party



The Obscura Team would like to invite any and all Lehman associates to our annual Launch Party, which will be held in the Art Gallery on May 4th.  There will be free food, gift bags, and a lineup of writers and artists who will present their work, which has been accepted in this year’s literary magazine.

This is a great opportunity to meet members of Obscura, as well as participants of this year’s volumes and some of Lehman’s faculty.  Did I mention FREE FOOD?

Right before our Launch Party is the Award Ceremony for the English Department’s Writing Contest.  Some of the winners are Obscura members, and this will take place from noon to 2:30om.

If your work has been accepted in this year’s literary magazine, feel free to contact us at so we can add you to the lineup for presenting your piece.  You put in a lot of effort into your work, and we would like to honor you and give you props.

So stop by to have some fun and see some genuine talent, and if your interested in joining Obscura, this is a great time to meet us and to witness our greatest accomplishment of the year.


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