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Blown Away by Your Talent

Obscura’s long awaited Open Mic event, showcased exuberant talent from the depths of Lehman’s students. As everyone gathered in one of the lecture rooms in Carman Hall, the anticipation of what was to come became overwhelming.

At around 4 PM, the show started and after all the formalities were over, artists began their performances, starting with Obcura’s current President, Jean Carlos, reading his compelling poetry, setting the stage for everyone after him.

So much passion in their stories resulting in thunderous applause after each act, had everyone there feeling abundantly captivated. Messages of oppression, racism, and degradation, matched with happiness, sadness, and artfulness, filled the room with awe.

This amazing event created an opportunity for Lehman artists to show their lyrical work to others, enabling the audience to indulge in their own creative abilities and potentially motivating them to be as bold as they are.

We at Obscura would like to thank all of the artists who performed at our event this past Wednesday. We will be hosting this event annually, so we hope to see you all again soon!

Artists include: Ni-Emah, Ariana, Ashley, Jigme, Samuel, Dennis, Thomas, Ashley, Jean Carlos, Deirdre, Kathryn, Seun, Antonio, Shawn, and Leo.

Melanie H


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