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Short Story with a Punch!

As I was reading through Obscura’s 2014 issue, I came across a short story with a very captivating first line. Once I glimpsed at it, I had to do a double take. Yup! What I thought I read was actually there, so I just had to read on.

Alexandria Torres “The Stranger” is a short story about a guy named Chris Gerald who has just been dumped by a redhead named Adriane. His childhood friend, Tyson, who also works in the same place as Chris and Adriane, in an attempt to make Chris get over Adriane, forces him to go out to the club in pursuit of a one-night-stand.

My heart is still racing from reading this brilliant piece. Immediately, Torres pulls you in with her dramatic language. Like when she wrote how “Chris forced himself to his feet, looking toward the tables and walking towards a girl with curly red hair, trying to banish the thoughts of Adriane’s long, dark hair.”

The entire story compacted into a few pages, sophisticatedly capturing her male protagonist’s heartbreak, with a perfect cliffhanger ending. A must read for all thriller addicts! Check out Obscura’s 2014 issue to read Alexandria Torres short story “The Stranger.”

CALLING ALL POETS! Obscura will be hosting an on-campus Open Mic event on April 13th! Want to showcase your talent? Email the event coordinator at OR show up!

Melanie H.




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