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Write to Feel Good

Midterms are plaguing Lehman Students as we are bombarded with never-ending exams and papers. Stress is overwhelming us and we feel there is no escape.

There’s good news!! You can write for therapy. It’s easy, all you have to do is allow yourself to be free from the burden of studying by free-writing a piece of literature that will never be graded.

Freedom is therapy writing. Embrace it by writing any genre, in any style, with as many mistakes that naturally derive from your inner creativity. Release the voice within by letting your hands flow, whether it be on a keyboard, or on a piece of paper. Expression is the best way to relieve the stresses in life, because at the end of the process, you are forever altered by the freedom to move on.

Remember, midterms are only temporary. Once we submit all of our papers and take those crazy exams, then its smooth sailing straight to SPRING BREAK!

Let’s keep up our hard-work to maintain our good grades with occasional breaks. Write for yourself and no one else, to indulge in your own free creativity.

Melanie H.


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