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Spoken Like a True New Yorker

Walking through the gritty streets of New York City can only be appreciated by a true New Yorker. Jordana Lopez-da Silva’s poem “applecentric,” originally published in the Obscura Literary Magazine 2010 issue, powerfully expresses the “twisted love affair” one finds themselves in, growing up in the “dilapidat[ed]” inner-borough neighborhoods of the city.

Jordana showcases her brilliant poetry by using a chronological description of her life growing up in Manhattan, from her “first kiss on 86th and Lex” to “the hobos lining the cracked streets of Union Sq.”

What outsiders believe to be the undesirable side of NYC, Jordana holds close to her heart. She has fallen in love with her surroundings and now feels intimately connected to “this concrete jungle” only true New Yorkers experience.



Jordana Lopez-da Silva


a first kiss on 86th and Lex

nights out at 4 am

aimless wandering

on broken East Central Park sidewalks


sticky summer passions,


dreams of a lost era – of

the hobos lining the cracked streets of Union Sq

the graffiti

the dilapidation


the art.


a twisted love affair but it keeps me alive

a twisted love affair with this concrete jungle of mine


Melanie H.


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