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Poetry as a Bird of Agony

Are you ready to take a trip back in time with Josue Rivera’s poem, “Poetry Bird” from Obscura’s 2014 issue? Poetry was historically used to tell a wide range of stories. In these stories, you would almost always find nature. Nowadays, poetry has taken a new form of emotional intent.

Rivera describes poetry as a bird flying through his mind that he wants to catch. His explicit details of nature allows us to time travel to the beginning of poetry, while keeping contemporary poetry as our motivation.

Nowadays, we write poems to express such feelings like “pain; love; laughter; [and/or] going insane.” We pour out our emotions onto the page, in hopes that we will release the passions from within.

Rivera’s poem mystifies the reader with its historical metaphors, imaginative words, and unique phrases. “Poetry Bird” has captivated my thoughts of expression while connecting me to my roots of nature.

Read for yourself!

Poetry Bird

By: Josue Rivera
She pets the wind with her wings as she flies,
and I’ll make a pet of this bird in the sky.

Poetry’s a tear that the eye can’t contain,
for pain; love; laughter; going insane.

Bird in my mind, please, don’t fly away;
give wings to my pen.
I have ink in my veins.
I’ll be released, when I subside my grief;
and gravity places a tear on a page.

Melanie H.


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