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Throwback to Creativity

For those of you who don’t know, the English Department is hosting a Writing Contest that ends on February 29th.  This is a great time to flesh out those ideas onto  paper.  ‘Tis prime writing season indeed, and in light this event, I turn your attention to Emperatriz Tejada’s poem, “Linger.” (Click here to view: Emperatriz Tejada)

What I find to be the hardest aspect of writing is starting. The struggle of deciding what to write and how to put your imagination onto paper can be agonizing, but this is the beauty of the love-hate relationship we have with writing. The sensation—the magic—of imagination constantly teases us on the tips of our tongues and on the crevices of our minds, just beyond our grasp. “Linger” captures this struggle perfectly. Tejada speaks the truth about how the need to write, a “state beyond simple terms,” haunts and blesses the wielders of the mighty pen (or pencil, laptop, etc.). Our imaginations scream at us daily, and Tejada’s speaker describes how we writers are the “warriors” who are always “hunting for perfect words” to release us from the range of emotions listed in the first stanza–love and hate or yes and no. This free verse poem manages to narrate how our thoughts and ideas are not always in our grasp or are transcribed perfectly, but they are always there, lingering within us. Words are our last hope, which Tejada reminds us. A poem from Obscura’s first volume, “Linger” reminds us why writers love to write and hone their imagination—a throwback to creativity.


-Kejana Ayala



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