Tenth: In Retrospection

“Where does a thought go when it’s forgotten?”— Sigmund Freud I don’t know, Dr Freud; I am into retrospection. —————— Yes, retrospect. —————— Today was the last day of scheduled classes at Lehman. [Teach me how to whistle like that.] And there’s no better timing that to dust off our blog posts here — the […]

Open Mic Night: Fall 2016

Open Mic Night was a rather successful and enjoyable event! There were chips, drinks, dessert and pizza for the taking. The room was lit up around the walls with lights and streamers that hung across the ceiling. The stage was lit, the mic was on and the host was ready to go!

Authorial Animals

For a change, let’s just kill the Author! I have not gone insane. Hard to believe yet you will have to, here. ———- Two weeks ago, post Thanksgiving, I convinced my family we have to treat ourselves with the new Jake Gyllenhaal movie. A Jake Gyllenhaal psycho thriller. Now that’s something we all should be […]

Open Mic Night Memories

Open Mic Night Spring 2016 was a HUGE success! I was able to speak with some current Obscura members who were lucky enough to experience Open Mic Night last semester. A few members explained how special it was to see performers display their different talents. Some recited poetry, rapped verses, and others played guitar and […]

More than Meets the Eye.

After it’s publication in 1848, the Communist Manifesto lost its popularity, being disregarded by many as just another pamphlet of political propaganda. The writers of the Pamphlet, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels also found their way into political obscurity, working solely as journalists. However, by 1868, the Manifesto found made its way into the homes […]


Spirits have flown. Turkeys have been fed. Trees have already begun shimmering. In all the festive rush, you may ask, “Hey, who won the Obscura SCARE ME IN A THOUSAND WORDS Halloween competition?” Well, well, well. You may direct that question to our winner, Deirdre Fanzo, who also won a $25 Amazon gift card, a […]

A Thankgiving Gift For Us

It is November of 2016. (Bold ‘2016’ for me, please.) It is November of 2016. (Underline it.) It is November of 2016. (Increase the font size.) NO! I think we all are quite aware of November of 2016; no need for me to further highlight ‘2016’. However: [keywords: election, assignments, registration, exams, workload, election repercussions, […]