Come Meet Us At Lehman On 7/13!

Obscura would like to introduce ourselves to incoming students at the Lehman College New Student Orientation, on July 13, 2016, in the Music Building, East Dining Room. Obscura is Lehman College’s official Literary Magazine run by the students for the students. We showcase writings, artwork, and photography of Lehman’s students and alumni. We encourage students […]

Fried Brains and Nightingales

At last, we reach the end of the semester. Our brains our fried, and we don’t want to think or write anything anymore. Still, we have finals, papers, and revisions to work on, and inspiration just isn’t flowing as it used to. Ben Jorisch’s “Death of the Nightingale,” a poem featured in the Obscura’s latest […]

A Drabble a Day

Ah, writer’s block. Our greatest enemy. Whether you’re writing an essay, story, poem, or any other kind of work, there’s always a point when the pressure becomes too overwhelming. The stress fries our brains, and the words stop pouring out the way we hope they will. Wouldn’t it be nice to write without any pressure […]

All Bad Things…

All things come to an end, even the bad things. When life gets impossible, there will always be a point when the suffering or the painstaking effort has to end, and this is what William Murrah expresses in his poem, “Whirled Through the World.” Murrah’s poem portrays the experience of being at the world’s mercy. […]

The Wait is Almost Over!

After reading Stephanie Trinidad’s short story “Delusional Batman” from Obscura’s sixth (2015) volume, one can do nothing but dwell in anticipation for the next section. We readers are in luck! Obscura’s seventh volume, releasing May 4, in the Lehman College Art Gallery at the Obscura Launch Party, will include Trinidad’s long-awaited follow-up “Problematic Quinn.” For […]

Obscura Launch Party

  The Obscura Team would like to invite any and all Lehman associates to our annual Launch Party, which will be held in the Art Gallery on May 4th.  There will be free food, gift bags, and a lineup of writers and artists who will present their work, which has been accepted in this year’s […]

Blown Away by Your Talent

Obscura’s long awaited Open Mic event, showcased exuberant talent from the depths of Lehman’s students. As everyone gathered in one of the lecture rooms in Carman Hall, the anticipation of what was to come became overwhelming. At around 4 PM, the show started and after all the formalities were over, artists began their performances, starting […]