The Wait is Almost Over!

After reading Stephanie Trinidad’s short story “Delusional Batman” from Obscura’s sixth (2015) volume, one can do nothing but dwell in anticipation for the next section. We readers are in luck! Obscura’s seventh volume, releasing May 4, in the Lehman College Art Gallery at the Obscura Launch Party, will include Trinidad’s long-awaited follow-up “Problematic Quinn.” For […]

Obscura Launch Party

  The Obscura Team would like to invite any and all Lehman associates to our annual Launch Party, which will be held in the Art Gallery on May 4th.  There will be free food, gift bags, and a lineup of writers and artists who will present their work, which has been accepted in this year’s […]

Blown Away by Your Talent

Obscura’s long awaited Open Mic event, showcased exuberant talent from the depths of Lehman’s students. As everyone gathered in one of the lecture rooms in Carman Hall, the anticipation of what was to come became overwhelming. At around 4 PM, the show started and after all the formalities were over, artists began their performances, starting […]

Through the Art’s Eyes

Whether we write, paint, sculpt, or design, we create art. Once we have finished out work, we admire it before stepping away, but how do our creations react in the end? Annie Tran’s poem, “Something Amiss,” is a narration through the eyes of a sculpture that recollects its experiences with its maker. The speaker remembers […]

A Story That Changes Lives

The incredible story of America’s worst nightmare, a dystopia created by a nuclear war and mutilation of the government elites, leaves society in a puritan state where everyone is sterile due to the radioactivity from the bombing. Margaret Atwood’s novel The Handmaid’s Tale revolutionizes the term “feminist” with her compelling story of a middle aged […]

Dreams of Forever

We all see time differently, but time perceives us in one way. It pushes us forward no matter how many times we glance back, cling to the now, or make plans. Time chases us to the end of our forever, and Natalie Caro beautifully portrays this in her poem, “Untitled.” Although the poem bears no […]

Open Mic Night onApril 20th!

Obscura is hosting an Open Mic Night on April 20th! Come to Carman Hall B-08 at 3:30 PM – 5:45 PM to either perform your art or come watch others showcase their works. There will be Poets, Musicians, Actors, and much more! If you would like to reserve a time slot to perform, please email […]