Simplicity & Literary Passion

“Haiku” by Juan A. Rodriguez  Can You Imagine All Those Beautiful Thoughts Dying Never Expressed   (Obscura, Vol.3, p.1)     I’ve always considered haikus to be especially compelling, since I believe they embody two of the best qualities of poetry—compactness and vividness. I’ve always thought that haikus are especially sleek and streamlined, with words […]

Poem of the Week

I Was Born Black, I’m Gonna Die Black (Obscura, Vol. 4, pp. 26-9) This Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day so in honor of Dr. King and the great leaders of the civil rights movement, the poem of the week is “I was Born Black, I’m Gonna Die Black” by Yvonne Coleman. It does […]

Art of the Week

The Valley of the Shadow of Death Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil. -Psalm 23:4 (Obscura, Vol. 3, pp 45) I chose Ashley Maria Lorenzo’s The Valley of the Shadow of Death because I love the ominous, mysterious feeling it evokes. The repetition and the […]